Super 7s – Well Done!

As part of our behaviour policy, every lesson each student is given a score.  Students receiving a 7 have exceeded expectations for the lesson and at the beginning of the following week are rewarded.  They will each receive a postcard home and a ‘Super 7’ wristband which provides them with:

  1. Queue jump for themselves and one friend for all breaktimes and lunchtimes throughout the week
  2. Use of the ‘Super 7 Lounge’.  This is a classroom available at lunchtimes with biscuits, squash and DVDs.  They will be able to take along a friend each day.

Super 7 students for the weeks ending 21st July, 8th September and 15th September are:

Bailey Burge, 8xSSE – For excellent work in RE.

Ellie Chandler, 8yAKT – Achieving house points every lesson for consistent hard work, which has resulted in strong progress and confidence in Art.

Ashley Cope, 8xLRS – Ashley helped doing some research on home learning by completing his tasks in the allocated time.

Cara Dunesby, 11xJBT – For realising it was a half!

Courtney Fitzpatrick, 11xNDS – For independently completing music video over the summer to a high standard, showing an excellent level of independence.

Oakley Gale, 8xLRS – For excellent work in RE.

Joseph Holmes, 11xNDS – For excellent work in Art.

Harry Jagger, 8xLRS – For excellent work in RE.

Mace Jones, 11xGRR – Amazing recall of topic content from last year, amazing positive attitude and willingness to contribute – legend!

Locryn Kelly, 7yRRN – Stepped up and taught the whole class a portion of the lesson content. Very impressed!

Ryan Lander, 10xSSD – Worked hard, full attention, excellent response produced during the lesson.

Joshua Malpas, 9xDSY – Superb work in Science.

Chloe Osborne, 11yLCS – Continually encouraging Molly and helping Molly to keep focused.  Along with keeping up to date with her own work.

Shannon Oxtoby, 11yLWT – Exceptional work ethic in Business Studies.

Amelia Ralph, 8xLRS – For excellent work in RE.

Lucy Roberts, 10xSSD – Absolute legend! Remembered everything from year 9 and answered tricky questions, very impressed!

Dylan Ross, 11xJBT – Outstanding effort and concentration.

Connor Sharpe, 9xJLY – Awesome practical work, worked independently all lesson.

Joseph Sibley, 8xLRS – For excellent work in RE.

Alfie Snelling, 10yBMN – Awarded by Mrs Watson.

Erin Summers, 8xKMN – For excellent work in RE.

Victoria Young, 11yJGY – Exceptional work ethic in Business Studies.

Fantastic work, well done!

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