Summer Exams

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you for all your ongoing support at this critical time for all students sitting exams this summer. Please note the following key information and updates.

Exam Dates
The main exam season starts on Monday 16th May and continues until Wednesday 29th June. There are no exams during half term (Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June).

Please be aware that there is a national exam contingency day on Wednesday 29th June. In the unlikely circumstance that an exam has to be rescheduled by the exam board, they will take place on any date up to and including this date. As such, please do not make any holiday plans for your child until after this date.

Study Leave for Year 13 students will start on Monday 23rd May. Study Leave for Year 11 students will start on Friday 10th June.

Exam timetables
Students have been issued with individual timetables for their exams, which they must check carefully, and highlight any errors without delay. If your child needs it reprinted then they can report to student services. A general summer exam timetable can be found on our exam’s webpage.

During the Exam Period
Students need to arrive outside the exam room 10 minutes before the start time. They should be dressed in full school uniform, or appropriate sixth form attire.

If a student is late for an exam then the school needs to be informed and the student brought into school as soon as possible. The exam board need to be informed, and it is at exam board’s discretion as to whether the paper is marked.

Candidates need to ensure that their mobile phone, other electronic device, or watches are not brought into the exam room – possession of prohibited devices in the exam room will lead to disqualification by the exam board.

Students need to bring all necessary equipment in a clear pencil case. This should include black ink biros, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator, protractor, compass, coloured pencils if needed.

Candidates may have a bottle of water in a clear container, with any label removed, and a sports type top (to avoid spillages) on their desk.

Should a candidate be unwell at the time of the exam then it is important that the school is informed and whenever possible the student attends for the exam. A medical letter regarding the student’s illness, or a self-certification form, is also necessary as supporting evidence as we will need to contact exam boards. It will be considered malpractice if these are incorrectly submitted and could lead to a candidates disqualification.

Revision Strategies
As previously signposted, we want to support our students by making sure they are using study strategies to support their revision, which work – based on educational research. At The Purbeck School, we have created a webpage to support students and parents with advice and guidance on how to revise and how not to revise. This includes lots of subject specific guidance as well.

We have also written an article to support parents and carers on how to help children cope with GCSEs and A-levels exam stress.

Post exam period
GCE sixth form results day takes place on Thursday 18th August 2022.

GCSE Year 11 results day takes place on Thursday 25th August 2022.

Students will be able to collect their results from 9.00am. If for any reason students are unable to collect their results in person, they must inform us in advance. Results can be shared with students via email (official Purbeck student email only), or alternatively a parent or other family member can collect them on the student’s behalf, if the school is informed beforehand – giving the name and relationship to the student. The family member will have to bring ID and signed consent from the student that they are permitted to collect the results. On both these days, senior members of staff will be available for advice.

Information about access to scripts and reviews of marking will be on the school website. This includes the cost of each service and a consent form. Candidates need to give written signed consent and payment before any post result service can be requested. If a review of marking is requested then it is possible that the mark could go down, which could result in the overall grade going down.

Certificates for the Summer 2022 exams will be available for collection from main reception from December 2022.

For those students who have applied for The Purbeck School sixth form – and have met the entry requirements – then we will contact with more information in another letter.

I wish all of our students the best of luck in their upcoming exams. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Carl Morris
Deputy Headteacher
The Purbeck School

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