Successful first Student Council Meeting

On 30th of November 2017, the student council met for the first time this year with Headteacher Mr Darley. Josie Kirkham, Sara Queen, Annabelle Scott, Kit Eddy, Harry Dymond, Felicity Carlyle, Isabella Sainsbury, Rhiannon Godfrey, Sophie Campbell were all selected to join the student council after extremely impressive letters of application outlining their desire to represent the students in the school.

During the meeting, the following agenda items were discussed:

  • How will the Student Council work throughout the year?
  • What are the key issues in the school?
  • Potential introduction of a positive behaviour card.
  • Potential changes to the same day detention system.
  • Any other business.

About the first council meeting, Kit Eddy said, ‘it was great to talk about possible changes that we could imagine for the future’; Isabelle Sainsbury added, ‘I am really keen for the council to now start changing things for the better’, and Sophie Campbell said, ‘it is really good to have highlighted and started working on some key issues’.

Mr Darley said, ‘this group of students are a real credit to the school and I am really looking forward to working with them for the next year. I’m sure that the school will be a better place as a result of the work that they have started today’.

If you are interested in reading the minutes from the first meeting – you can find them here.

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