Student Council Meeting: 11th October 2022

Attendance: 27 council members across all year groups

  • Welcome: Mrs Watson & the 6th Form Leadership Team
  • Promotion of the school ethos: Mr Darley
  • Review of clubs & enrichment: Mr Darley
  • Planning for the year ahead: Mrs Watson

Mrs Watson, Mr Darley & the 6th Form Leadership Team welcomed the School Council and discussed the importance of the school council for the day to day running of the school.

The 6th Form Leadership Team explained how much they are looking forward to working with the school council this academic year.

Promotion of the school ethos: Mr Darley

Mr Darley discussed the change of the school ethos from ‘respect’ to ‘kindness’ and asked the council members to discuss ways we could promote kindness around the school. The council members listed the following suggestions:

  • *Above & Beyond cards to be linked to kindness
  • Kindness awards in celebration assemblies
  • *Research & raise money for a charity which is linked to kindness
  • Reintroduce a worry box
  • *Create wall art to promote the school’s ethos
  • Promote the school ethos in classrooms and on lesson PPTs
  • Organise competitions linked to kindness

The Purbeck School Council then voted for their *top 3 ideas and Mr Darley has agreed to take these proposals to the Senior Leadership Team later this week. Mrs Watson will feedback the discussions to the student council later on this half term.

Review of clubs & enrichment: Mr Darley

Mr Darley gave council members a copy of our enrichment programme and asked students to review the clubs on offer this academic year. He then asked students to add any suggestions that they would like to see available to them. Students listed the following:

  • Film club
  • Dance club
  • Yoga club
  • Heritage club
  • Board Games

Mrs Watson will now liaise with members of staff at school to see if we are able to offer any clubs in line with suggestions above. Any additional clubs offered will be advertised to students through the tutor programme.

Planning for the year ahead: Mrs Watson

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