Student Council: 17th May 2023

21 students were present in the meeting with representatives from Years 7-10

At the end of our previous meeting, students asked to discuss our current canteen provision and advise on changes they wished to make to food choices.

Unfortunately, due to staff shortages, our catering manager was unable to attend the meeting; Mrs Watson assured students that she would advise him of the information below and report back to the council on the outcome of the meeting.

Students focused on 3 areas:

  • Current aspects of the canteen provision that they like
  • Areas students have concerns about
  • Changes they would like to see in the future

Strengths of the canteen provision

  • Canteen staff are really friendly and helpful
  • Cakes are tasty
  • The curries are delicious
  • There is a wide range of ‘grab and go’ provision
  • Wide variety of drinks and the drinks are very nice
  • The food is always hot
  • Year 8 & 9 canteen layout is good
  • KS4 canteen works well for students to grab something quickly

Current concerns with the canteen provision

  • Students would like staff to be more vigilant on students pushing into the queues
  • Can we have bagels at lunch time?
  • Concerns raised by multiple students about the pasta
  • Concerns raised re the cost of fruit pots and fizzy drinks
  • Students report that year 8 canteen runs out of food by mid breaktime

Changes we would like to see / questions we have:

  • More vegan and veggie choices
  • Smoothies & milkshakes, slushies to be available in the summer
  • Bigger salad bar with a wider variety of options
  • The prices have gone up a lot – can they be brought down at all?
  • Several students requested a breakfast provision in the morning
  • How sustainable is the cutlery and crockery? Can we have reusable?
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