Solomon Theatre – Choices Year 10

On 8th March 2018 we arranged for the Solomon Theatre to attend school to host their performance “Choices” to our Year 10 students.

“Your Choices” explains the three learning styles (kinaesthetic, visual & auditory) and the learning pathways that suit each type. The show also highlights the barriers to learning as well as the influences that young people are affected by when making choices for their futures.  The performance follows three students, each with different backgrounds and aspirations as well as their different learning styles, all hoping to make a success of their lives.

It was an enjoyable and engaging production.  Feedback from students suggested they found it very helpful, and have made the following comments:

“I feel more confident in going to University now”

“Everything you do in and out of school can be useful in your life”

“I now have a clearer understanding of all my options after I leave school and that I don’t need to follow the crowd”

“I thought the play made it clear about what options are available”

“It was good and it gave me a better understanding of what I can do after my GCSEs”

“I now know I can gain the same degree level from doing an apprenticeship as going to university”.

“Knowing what type of learner you are can really help when it comes to deciding what to do with your future”

“After seeing the performance I am now more aware of the opportunities for me at university”

Our thanks to Katie, Jonathan and Libby from Solomon Theatre and to Southern Universities Network who funded the event.

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