Skyla Downey – Short Graphic Focused Comic

My comic called My generation: 

I created a short graphic focused comic with occasional text. The concept is built around an alternat sci-fi reality where in technology has become an addiction, a way of life and nature had been neglected to the point of evolving to behave as a parasite. The narrative follows a character referred to as Scarlet Hood, taking influence from the character red riding hood, Scarlet is a gender-neutral figure who the reader is given the choice to follow and influence their actions and choices in the story leading to different endings. The world is covered in vibrant heavily saturated lighting in every scene except for the main characters room, the beings of this world are portrayed with virtual boxes around their head activated through a drug – this is how I chose to portray excessive use of technology. Every character has plant growing from their skin and throughout the comic it is raining to keep the plants hydrated and there is not a single plant shown detached from a person, this is to show the death of natural nature due to neglect. I started off by coming up with the basic outline narrative for my story going through 8 drafts and a test comic, I took a look at artists and photographers I thought I could use for relevance as well as styles I liked, once that was decided I did rough outlines of story board pages and added detail as I worked this usually took me under a week per full page sometimes more depending on the amount of detail I wanted to add and any setbacks. Picture of Skyla Downey Picture

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