Sixth Formers dress up in Fancy Dress to raise money for a defibrillator – Friday 17th December 2021

  • December 10, 2021

Defibrillators are devices used to treat cardiac arrest. They deliver an electrical current which can often shock the heart into beating regularly again. They are the best way of ensuring someone suffering cardiac arrest outside of a hospital will survive, and are registered on a database so 999 dispatchers can quickly give directions to the nearest one. Unfortunately, some rural communities don’t have many defibrillators, meaning people at risk of cardiac arrest are more vulnerable.  


For this reason, The Purbeck School is planning to buy our own defibrillator for anyone in our school or the surrounding area to use in an emergency. In order to pay for this, we are fundraising through a sixth form Christmas Dress-Up Day. By participating, not only will students have a great time but could be helping save lives in the future. 


Friday the 17th is the last day of term and is a half day for all students, ending at 12.10pm.  Look out for sixth form students in the most creative Christmas costumes as they collect donations from lower school from members of the public in Wareham town centre.  


Defibrillators for schools cost approximately £1,000, so we aim to raise as much as possible through this event. Any donation made helps to provide a lifesaving device for the school and local community, and if there are any funds left over, they will be saved for servicing the defibrillator. 


Thank you to everyone who takes part! 

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