Student Leadership

This year we have been fortunate enough to have been able to expand our Sixth Form Student Leadership Team.

Since taking on the roles at Easter 2019, students have already started to make exceptional contributions to school life both within our sixth form as well as with our lower school students. So why did our students apply for these roles….

Head Boy and Head Girl

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I chose to apply for the position of Head Girl because I wanted to challenge myself, taking on a role with variety; where I can explore new interactions as a team member or as a leader, and develop new skills too. This role lets me set my own goals and put forward a personal ambition, while still holding the important purpose of embodying the student’s voice and connecting all areas of the school community together. I believe that this position can operate as a link between the administrators and the pupils, with the opportunity to explore issues and wishes which can be adopted accordingly. I aim to encourage other students to explore their potential; become comfortable in who they are; ensure that our school reflects our opinions and ideas, as well as aspire to be a determined and forward thinking ambassador for the Purbeck School. 

Ellie W: Head Girl

No Reproduction Without Express PermissionFrom the very beginning of my Purbeck School journey I have developed holistically as an individual, obtaining a range of key life skills along the way. This has enabled me to obtain my current role as Head Boy which is something I have always aspired towards. I believe that within this role I can play an active part throughout the school to ensure both current pupils and upcoming students experience the best possible journey through their time at the Purbeck School as well as ensuring the Purbeck community is upheld across all year groups.  I have already established a good rapport with all students which will help me to promote and embody student voice. I am Purbeck through and through and will ensure that our school ethos of ‘respect, aspiration and perseverance’ becomes a legacy and is something our students will apply in later life. The Purbeck School provides platforms for all students where they can express their thoughts and opinions on how the Purbeck School can develop as a whole. As a sportsman I know the true importance of support, mentoring and having a role model to look up to which is what the Purbeck School prides itself upon. The Purbeck School has given me so much throughout my journey and as I approach the end of my years here, I want to give something back as now the current Head Boy.

Aaron H: Head Boy

Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl

No Reproduction Without Express PermissionMy initial interest in applying for a role in the Sixth Form Leadership Team came from watching previous Head Girls and Boys, House Captains and other Prefects delivering presentations during assemblies as well as other school events. The leadership skills and confidence they all demonstrated inspired me to realise a senior role. In addition, working with the sixth form as well as the lower school community is something that I really look forward to. Due to having a wide variety of interests, ranging from academic, to creative, to athletic, I am excited to be able to connect with as many students/stakeholders as possible. Additionally, I hope that the passion I have for my subjects studied and my enthusiasm for The Purbeck School can inspire others to feel the same way.

Archie R: Deputy Head Boy


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I was excited by the opportunity to become Deputy Head Girl as it allows me to actively be a part of the excellent leadership team that we have here at the Purbeck School, but also have balance my studies. I currently study A-Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry and being the only girl taking Physics as well as the fact that Science and Engineering is dominated by males, I have been inspired as part of my role to raise awareness of STEM based careers and opportunities. 

Georgia P: Deputy Head Girl




I was delighted to be offered the role of Assistant Head Girl – Secretary for 2019/2020. I have spent my entire school life aspiring to be part of the Sixth Form Senior Leadership Team. Being Assistant Head Girl has enabled me to certainly start to give back to the School  know has contributed significantly to developing me into the person I am today. The help and support I have received here cannot be overstated. This school community has made me feel that I can accomplish whatever I want to. This is undoubtedly something that I want to be able to pass on to as many students possible.

I also sit on the Purbeck School Student Council, a truly rewarding experience.

Kira Collins: Secretary Assistant Head Girl


Through this role, I will be able to support high achieving learners throughout the school – especially focusing on Humanities subjects.  I will work to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to participate on academic trips, e.g. a visit to The University of Oxford, which will be particularly beneficial for upper school students in providing insight and inspiration about future opportunities. I will aim to organise a range of talks with outside speakers, which will allow students to both experience lectures with field experts whilst perhaps discovering a passion for a totally new subject. I will also be helping with the setting up of the Debating Club, which will be a safe space for students to develop their opinions and confidence through discussing relevant topics. I chose this role because I wanted to support students with a passion for learning, whilst also improving my own communication and management skills.

Daisy T: HAP Prefect

In my role as Assistant Head Work Experience Lead I aim to support students when it comes to their careers by helping with key events such as work experience and mock interviews. This role will enable me to share the importance of making the most out of these opportunities, to set students up for the future and to increase their employability chances. I believe this role will also allow me to learn more about what future employers are looking for which I can then support others with.

Hannah V: Assistant Head: Work Experience Lead

I applied for the role of Welfare Prefect as I believe that raising awareness, educating individuals on and addressing mental health is incredibly important. Incorporated within this role are other societal topics like feminism, climate change and the environment as well as all types of equality that are frequently seen in the news and social media. As a school, I believe we should all work together in promoting these areas.

 Fran B – Welfare Team

My aim of my role is to raise awareness to lower school specifically about the LGBT community. This role will enable me to make a difference, particularly for those who may require support, advice and guidance. A drop in session will be run to offer continued support.

Kasey-Faye M: Welfare Team

I chose the role of working as a Charity Prefect particularly as I felt that raising money for those less fortunate and for specific charities is very important. Giving to charity helps to make people’s lives better, it helps benefit individuals but as well as the people that surround them. As a Charity Prefect I am going to be putting forward ideas on ways in which we can raise money, ensuring it has an element of enjoyment and meaning. The role is very important to promote to others that raising money to help others is highly achievable and there will be undoubtedly positive outcomes.

Tyler G – Charity Team

I chose to apply for the role of History Subject Lead as it aligned with my passion for History as a subject area. I intend to read History at University. As History Subject Lead I look forward to coordinating with the Humanities department, assisting with open evenings and other events. On top of this In addition, I look forward to supporting students from years 10 and 11, particularly with delivery of some revision sessions in preparation for their GCSE examinations.

Josh S: History Subject Lead

I was attracted to the role as Art Subject Lead as it will enable me to promote the deaprtment as well as actively work in the department with other sixth formers as well as supporting the lower school too. I hope to develop specifically my leadership skills and to inspire younger years to be passionate about Art and other creative subjects. 

Ellie-May Radestock: Art Subject Lead

As Awareness Prefect, I aim to encourage people to participate in extracurricular activities that help our community and keep people informed about current events and issues. Having this role allows me to inspire passion in other people and encourage them to be active in things they believe to be important, such as beach cleans I’ve planned with NCS, or Mental Health Awareness Week social media campaign with Dorset Mind. I’m able to keep the school community in the know about what’s happening around us and act as a useful resource for students.

Jasmin E: Awareness and Current Affairs Lead


We look forward to seeing students flourish in their leadership roles. Updates can be seen on the website