Student Leadership

Head Boy – Josh Turner

I was attracted to the role of Head Boy as it allows me to play an active part in shaping the future of the Purbeck School for the forthcoming generations who will rise up through the years. Collaborating with the rest of the student leadership team, this is something we can definitely achieve over this next year. Every student in this school should have the platform to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas about how the Purbeck School can continue to grow and develop, and this is an aspect of the school that I will predominantly encourage and promote. The Purbeck School is based on the ethos of ‘achieving excellence together’, hence not only are we achieving as individuals, we are achieving as the ‘Purbeck School Family’ – this is an ethos I am keen to uphold. The Purbeck School is succeeding as a whole, but I want to help us exceed!

Head Girl – Imogen Radestock

I was inspired to apply for this role when I saw how confident the previous year’s Head Boy and Girl were in standing up and talking in front of their peers without hesitation and I thought that I would love to be able to do that. Throughout my time in this school, I have experienced as much as I could of what it has to offer and now I feel that, as I am coming to the end of my journey here, I should give something back. This school has helped me to mature and grow into the person I am today and I will always be thankful for that.

Charity Prefect – Danny Bolar

I went for the Charity Prefect role because I am enthusiastic about raising awareness and money for charities who are trying to discover cures and help lives, locally and nationally. I believe that an individual can make a difference especially with the support of the whole school. During my time as Charity Prefect, I hope to make a difference and inspire people to participate in charity events, because they really do make a difference.

Charity Prefect – Hannah Crome

I applied to become a Charity Prefect as I feel this is a very important role as it does not only help the school and it’s students but the people in the local and global community. I think that getting students involved in charity is an excellent way to help them to develop into charitable and well-grounded people who are aware of the struggles other people face no matter how close to them they are. I feel this role will help my team work and organisation skills whilst also being very enjoyable and rewarding. My personal aim is to raise as much money as possible whilst making the fundraisers fun and engaging for the students and members of the public donating.

Charity Prefect – Deepika Gurung

I wanted to take the role of a Charity Prefect because I want to help in raising an awareness and money for those people in this world who aren’t as lucky and fortunate. As a Charity Prefect, I aim to encourage and motivate people to get involved as much as possible.  As I believe that raising money for a good cause can make a difference in someone’s life whether it is a small or big change.

Charity Prefect – Lauren March

I chose to fulfil the Charity Prefect position within the school because I would like to raise awareness for those less fortunate, involving as many students as possible. I hope to raise as much money as we can this year, leaving a positive impact on as many lives as we can. The Charity Prefect team includes myself, Danny, Hannah and Deepika who I believe are a strong team and will work very well together. Our charities will be focused both nationally and locally raising as much awareness as possible. I am hopeful that we will give back to the community both as a school, and as individuals.

Media Prefect – Olivia Cochrane

The Purbeck School encourages you to explore new things whilst also building upon what you know and love. I applied for the Media Prefect role because it touches upon those things I’m passionate about. I knew I wanted to have a positive impact on the school and within it, this for me was the perfect way. Within this role I’ve been given the opportunity to bring students together to really highlight and celebrate the ambitious, creative and ingenuities of the school and the people who make it that.

Media Prefect – Maximus Marriott-Smith

I wanted to become a Media Prefect as I have always found Media very interesting and it has always been one of my stronger areas. I am currently studying A-Level Media, A-Level English Literature and A-Level History. I feel this position could be useful because I hope to go into the Media industry in the future and I am excited to explore it within this role. I aim to work extremely hard and feel that I can bring creativity and fun to the role.

Photography Prefect – Olivia Faulkner

One of the reasons I wanted to become a Photography Prefect was because from a young age I have always been an avid photographer and enjoy capturing moments in a single frame. I have also gained a lot of experience with cameras as I took GCSE photography so that I could further my skills.