Student Leadership

The student leadership team is a vibrant group of students who help shape the Sixth Form. They are able to undertake training, lead activities and take opportunities to develop their employability skills and make a contribution to the wider life of the school and society.

Lead Prefects

Jodi Johnson – Lead Prefect
I am one of the Lead Prefects within the sixth form and am currently completing 3 A-levels in Chemistry, English literature and Mathematics. I applied for this role as an opportunity to develop my skills as a team player and as an individual after being inspired by many past Lead Prefects, and hope to leave a positive and inspirational legacy like many of these have in the past. My role includes acting as an ambassador to represent the student body at the school, striving to inspire students to achieve and excel their capabilities as well as overseeing the smooth running of the Sixth Form Leadership Team. I will also be collaborating with the Media Team to broadcast and promote the school to help inform new students of any helpful information to ensure a smooth transition and encourage students within the sixth form to participate in events and act as a conduit for student voice. As part of the sixth form team as a whole, I will also have a part in organising the ‘Dorset Aspiring Leadership Conference’ and after attending this event myself whilst in lower school, I know how informative and beneficial this can be and I am excited to allow other students to see this for themselves also.

Will Brown – Lead Prefect
I’m one of the two new Lead Prefects at The Purbeck School and am studying History, Sociology and Psychology. I am looking forward to working in this role and working with the deputies and other members of the student leadership team, as I hope that we as a unit will be able to create a positive experience at an already great school. This position will allow me to actively get involved with the decision making that happens within the leadership team.

I am also supervising the Humanities Subject Leaders. This opportunity is a great way for me to be a part of the Humanities department, which I am involved with already in my studies, so I can promote the subjects that I have a passion for. I am really looking forward to this area and working with other students who all have a real interest in these subjects and are looking to take them to degree level.

I am also overseeing the work of Alex Walton, the Prefect for High Performing Students, who aims to stretch the students gifted with academic talent.  Through that role, I hope to inspire and assist the development of these students. This will support students with a passion for learning and those who can go on to do great things through education, as well as students who want to get involved in high level apprenticeships.

Executive and Deputy Lead Prefects

Maja Pacyna – Executive Prefect
I study English Language, Business studies and Applied Science and I am the Executive Prefect of the student leadership team. My role includes running the sixth form team, organising meetings and creating agendas. I also have the opportunity to coordinate the different groups and house captains. I work very closely with the Lead and Deputy Prefects to ensure that effective communication is maintained. I was inspired to apply for the Executive Prefect role as it is a great way to develop my skills and learn news ones that will be required in the professional world, and I think it’s a perfect way to support all students as well as the rest of my leadership team.

Charlotte Johnson-Woollard – Deputy Lead Prefect for Student Voice
My role as Deputy Lead Prefect has a specific focus and responsibility for Student Voice. Not only do I see the opinions of the students as vital to form healthy relationships between students and teachers, but I also endeavour to make the necessary lesson adaptations to create the best learning environment possible for students. Alongside working with the Student Council, my role also entails working towards planning and delivering an Aspiring Leadership Conference, which I see as an excellent opportunity to encourage younger years to branch out of their comfort zones and strive for excellence. In Purbeck Sixth Form, I study Psychology, English Language and Biology A-levels, and hope to study Psychology at University. This role I hope will allow my communication skills flourish as well helping students to perform to the best of their abilities.

Tommy O’Connell – Deputy Lead Prefect for House Captains
I have been fortunate enough to be giving the role of Deputy Lead Prefect with specific responsibility to lead the House Captains. I’m really excited about this role and want to get the maximum I can out of it, to try and benefit all students throughout the school, and to be involved in as much of the school as possible from open evenings to events that I set up on my own. I want to challenge myself in this role whilst inspiring others to push themselves to be better, and to do great things that they wouldn’t usually do in order to get the most out of all their opportunities.

Molly Sumner – Deputy Lead Prefect for Welfare
In sixth form I have chosen to pursue the following subjects: Business, Sport BTEC and Health and social care. I’ve been given the role as one of the Deputy Leads of The Purbeck School, and have also taken on being the leader of the Welfare Prefect team. Our aim is to ensure that all students at Purbeck School are happy and healthy. The other Deputies, Leaders, myself and our Executive work very closely together to make sure that everything we are doing benefits the students. The reason I chose to apply for this role is because I believe that by working with the student leadership team and the Welfare Prefects we can learn and develop new skills for what we may take on after sixth form. Following on from this, past Leaders and Deputies have also inspired me to take on this role. I believe it will improve my confidence and I can use my team working skills to build bonds with new people whether that be students or teams within sixth form!

House Captains


Bethany Davies – Kingfisher
I am excited at the prospect of becoming House Captain for Kingfisher, to become more involved within our school community in order to help both teachers and students to make the Purbeck School a great climate to build aspirations and encourage others to grasp opportunities.  I hope this role will help me develop my communication and other key skills to help my chances of employability and become more confident overall in my skills. I wish to merge my passions into this role and build onto the friendly and welcoming environment of the Purbeck School by familiarising the school with the LGBTQ+ community and other social issues to increase awareness amongst students.

Kian Salina is Kingfisher’s Deputy House Captain

Jodie Kirkham – Kestrel
I was delighted when I heard that I was successful in again a position in the House Captain team at The Purbeck School because I am now able to support Kestrel House through their time and their studies here. I chose this role knowing that I wanted to give back to the community that had given me so much over the last five years. In my role, as one of Kestrel’s House Captains, I aim to share the importance of grasping opportunities and using them the develop yourself as a person, while setting up pathways for promising futures. Aided by my current studies of both English language and literature and mathematics, I like to creatively solve problems using precise analysis and this will show while I work within this excellent leadership team. In my future I hope to go on to study a mathematics and education course at university, then go onto teach in a secondary school like this, which is why being on this team will improve not only the Purbeck School but myself as well.

Michaela Barry is Kestrel’s Deputy House Captain

Lauraine Mokiti – Swift
I study Psychology, Sociology and Applied Science and my role on the student leadership team is lead of the Student Voice and Swift House Captain. Within this role I communicate to and from students to leaders in order to better our schools in the eyes of our pupils. I was inspired to apply for the House Captain role as I am a great spokesperson and am able to communicate well. I also would like to learn new leadership skills that will be needed in the professional world. Also, I am big on support and hearing what other people think – thus the creation of the student voice role in which I am able to take the views and opinions of different aspects from students in the lower school to members and staff and us on the leadership team – In order to improve and help in any way we can.

Megan Churchill is Swift’s Deputy House Captain

Preetika Gurung – Skylark
Currently, I am studying A-Level biology, chemistry and health & social care. Over the years of studying at the Purbeck School, I have always been inspired to be part of the sixth form Prefect team. Now, that I have been given that chance, as a House Captain, I aspire to motivate and inspire other students in the Purbeck School community, especially those in lower school who may be in need of any help or advice. From this role, I also aim to uphold the school values and ethos of ‘respect, aspiration and perseverance’ alongside making a positive contribution towards our school community and environment. Lastly, I hope to develop and explore new skills and knowledge which I believe are important for self-development.

Maisy Wild is Skylark’s Deputy House Captain


Alex Walton – Prefect for High Performing Students
I decided to take on the responsibility of the lead for high achieving students because I think that I have the ability to inspire lower school students, as well as plan trips, events and activities relating to high achievers to allow them to reach their full potential. I currently study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology for A-Level with an EPQ alongside it. I aspire to a career in medicine and Oxford University. I hope that I will be able to bring inspiration and aspiration to students throughout the school, creating a fantastic environment for achievement.

Beth Starmer – Media Prefect
I took this role to help present the school’s news, information, stories and events in a way that is useful and interests current and potential students, teachers, carers and everyone else in the community. Before I joined The Purbeck School’s Sixth Form as an external student, I was grateful that I could use the website to get something of an idea of what it was all about, and would like to continue improving the school’s media in the next year.  I also hope to gain experience in valuable skills such as co-ordinating with other student leaders and regularly updating pages. This role is a perfect opportunity to develop these skills whilst studying my A levels of biology, chemistry and psychology.

Charity Prefects

Tallulah Amos
I chose to be a charity prefect to make a difference to those in need. This role allows you to input ideas for ways to raise money for many different charities, along with bringing enjoyment to the rest of the school. It’s a great way to show others that it is important to help those who are less fortunate; the outcome can be very positive for all.

Paige Butchard
I believe this role holds a significant amount of responsibility as organising charity event have to be fun, unique and must appeal to all ages. Being part of the charity team gives me power, as well as the rest of the team, to shine a light on those who have not been fortunate in life. A small amount of money raised can impact a lot of people. It’s a passion of mine to help others, and I’m excited to start making a difference!

Evangeline Thorpe – Joint Lead of Charity Team
I personally believe that the role as a charity prefect is one where you learn the most, as every year we should be looking to find new ways to make money to give to the charity and in that respect it can be challenging but as a team we will be able to work together and tackle this and make a difference.

Ben Keeshan
I decided to apply for the role of charity prefect because I saw it as a great opportunity to be able to assist in raising money and awareness. I believe this role is incredibly important because of the impact that money and donations raised by the school can have on local charities such as food banks.

Lottie Bess
I am excited to be a part of the charity team – the role is a great way to make a difference and give back to the community. It is crucial to raise awareness of the importance of charity and to teach people the positive and beneficial impacts we can have on people’s lives by simply being generous and giving back to others.

Ruby McCrory Apperley – Joint Lead of Charity Team
I am happy to be part of the charity team because it allows me to take part in events that will provide for others as well as connecting the school with the local community. Charities are able to improve the quality of people’s lives and impact many people positively, this is not only individuals but whole communities, so no matter how big or small, volunteering makes a difference.

Welfare Prefects


Amelia Ferrari
I believe that this role is so important for young students, and I hope to promote the effects of mental health issues around the school and be a kind, friendly face that people know they can easily approach. I will be happy to provide support on any concerns someone may be having, as I believe that a positive support system can benefit young people’s mental health’s massively.

Emily Hall
Every student in this school should have the option to talk to someone and feel comfortable about it. Having gone through years 7 to 11 myself, I think that my experiences will benefit other students, to help them achieve their best outcome. I always like to help others, and this will also help my communication skills, along with building my confidence. I look forward to working with the students and to provide the best support for them with the Welfare Team.

Sophie Keeshan
Mental health is something we all need to be aware of and look after. I would like to help younger years build on their ability to help themselves, and to know when to seek help and guidance from others. Personal experiences with my own mental health have given me more of an insight and understanding into other’s struggles. I intend to be approachable and provide a safe space with fellow students who can relate with others’ experiences.

Shannon Meaden
I am currently taking Media, Business and Health & Social at sixth form, so have experienced the stress of exams myself, especially throughout Covid. This year I will be helping year 11s through any stresses or worries they may have. My aim is to ensure that all students know there is always someone to help, no matter the problem. I think it is important that students’ well-being is recognised more, which is my main goal as a Welfare Prefect!

Emma Morgan
I believe that young people’s mental health can sometimes be overlooked and this needs to be recognised and supported a lot more. As a Welfare Prefect I would like to be a friendly face anyone feels welcome to talk to. I think mental health is extremely important and everyone struggles with it at some point in their lives. I understand how hard it can be to face and I am here to talk and listen.

Holly Pankhurst
I took on this role because I believe that mental well-being is a huge issue among young adults. Having support from an approachable, understanding and attentive group of people is paramount within learning environments; everyone can feel agitated or overwhelmed sometimes and that’s why we are here to help. I feel that through this role I can challenge myself and apply my communication skills in a beneficial manner, allowing for an improvement in my self-confidence. I believe that this role will hopefully form a stronger sense of community and solidarity among the members of this school, as well as a more positive environment overall.

Emily Parr
I want to be a welfare prefect because I find it really rewarding helping people and giving advice on situations – especially typical school issues which I have been through too in the last few years – but also to learn from you! I know that I would have benefited from having somebody to talk to in my times of need so I’m looking forward to being that for someone else 🙂

Holly Queen
I have become a Welfare Prefect to help support the younger students through the ups and downs of secondary school. I am happy to listen and help with any worries a student may have and can always direct them to further support.

Lucy Roberts

Emma Rogers
I have always wanted to help people with strategies for their mental health. Everyone is different and so is how we receive certain information, whether this be learning or in everyday life. So, it is important to me that when I partake in my role as a Welfare Prefect, I can help every individual in an effective way. My own personal experiences will let me empathise with and help many students. I feel I am an approachable, happy person who is available to help all students within The Purbeck School. I have been here for almost 6 years now, so I know the school and the environment very well.

William Smith
I wanted to be a Welfare Prefect because I think nobody should have to face any of their problems alone. Having someone to talk to and to get support from is always a good thing, and this is a great opportunity to be there for others. Mental illness is a huge problem striking students, and having a supportive environment to work in is a vital part of combatting this.

Molly Verrall
I believe that having good mental wellbeing is important in being successful with your studies and think this should be promoted around school. Through personal experience, I will be able to empathise with others and support them. Whilst helping other people, I also hope to develop my own skills for the future, such as communication and empathy. This position will hopefully challenge my confidence which I would like to improve.

Subject Leaders

Mathematics – Josh Brown, Jake Buckett, Joseph Daly, Ben Yarrow
Physics – Lucas Cameron, Alex Gordon, Tori White
Chemistry – Wesley Buck, Lewis Cartridge, Laila Dale, Geoffrey Edley, Amy Gartshore, Jasmine Mellersh, Daisy Moyler
Biology – Max Spence
Applied Science – Jake Watson
Product Design – Liam Cole
Sport – Euan Cameron-Haigh, Kyle Cavendish, Jamie Crompton, Oscar Dale,
Amelie Hambidge, Aston Harley
Geography – Lily Johnson, Megan Johnson, Nyika Mutendera, Kiera Norman
Psychology – Olly Craig
Business – Amy Peters, Jake Edwards
Art – Megan Griffiths Hughes, Erin Gwillim, Roisin Hegarty
History – Millie Swan, Sam Ward
English Literature – Holly Miller, Lucy Pope
Photography – Eva Longland

We look forward to seeing students flourish in their leadership roles. Updates can be seen on the website.