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Cambridge Technicals 

Vocational Level 3 Routeways 2017

This course helps students to understand the impact of health and social care policy and legislation on real people.  Students will learn about the key features of different types of relationships in health, social care and child care settings including how a person centred approach supports positive relationships.

Students will learn that, in order to survive and stay healthy, we have to detect and respond to changes not only in our external environment but also in our bodies. They will learn about the risks associated with poor infection control and the legislation that aims to keep the public free from infections. The chain of infection and the methods for controlling its spread are studied.

This course involves studying sexual health and the types of contraception that are available.  Students will study the development of the foetus and stages of pregnancy.

Students will study a range of psychological theories representing the different approaches to explaining behaviour and health. The mind body connection plus how patients cope with illness and chronic conditions is studied to help students’ knowledge and understanding.

The course will enable students to promote positive behaviour and de-escalate situations. Students will also learn how to support individuals with long term physiological conditions including the types, causes and effects.

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

Exams x 3 (two in year 12, one in year 13) Coursework x 3 (one in year 12, two in year 13)

58% Exam: 32% Coursework

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Diploma in Health and Social Care

Exams x 5 (four in year 12, one in year 13) Coursework x 7 (two in year 12, five in year 13)

45% Exam: 55% Coursework

Year 12

Single & Double Award

  • Unit 2 – Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care (EXAM)
  • Unit 10 – Nutrition for health (Course work)
  • Unit 4 – Anatomy and physiology for health and social care (EXAM)

Double Award

  • Unit 6 – Personalisation and person centred approach to care (EXAM)
  • Unit 5 – Infection control (Course work)
  • Unit 7 – Safeguarding (EXAM)

Year 13

Single & Double

  • Unit 3 – Health, safety and security in health and social care (EXAM). To be taught in Term 1 for students to sit in January 2019 with a resit opportunity in June 2019 if necessary.
  • Unit 1 – Building positive relationships in health and social care (Course work)
  • Unit 13 – Sexual health, reproduction and early development stages (Course work)


  • Unit 12 – Promote positive behaviour (Course work)
  • Unit 14 – The impact of long term physiological conditions (Course work)
  • Unit 22 – Psychology for health and social care (Course work)

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