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English Language is a very contemporary course which seeks to develop students’ knowledge about the contexts which influence the style of how we communicate in today’s world. It does not consider literature in the more traditional sense, but instead takes as its focus the shorter texts such as newspaper articles, advertisements, historical journals, emails and transcripts of everyday speech. In this regard this is a course for students who are keen to further their understanding of contemporary English without wishing to read novels, poetry and plays.

However, the course requires a rigorous approach to textual analysis and a commitment to deepening an understanding of how specific structures and parts of the language work in both written and spoken modes. There are opportunities to learn more about a range of issues which are not explored at GCSE as well as producing creative texts and, at A2, conducting independent research that is wholly original.

Over the course of the two years, students study topics such as Language and Gender (identifying and explaining the differences between male and female speech), Language and Technology (how we adapt our writing when using forms such as text, twitter and email), Child Language Acquisition (how children develop the ability to speak from the moment they are born), and Language Change (examining the influences that have and continue to affect the development of the English language). Students also gain the opportunity to write creatively in a journalistic style as they complete their coursework for AS.

Where the course leads

The course supports the following range of careers: any career where spoken and written communication skills are valued. Although journalism and media careers are obviously related to this qualification, those aiming for a future in Law or a great range of professional careers will find this a much respected and valued A Level.

Entry requirements

Students will need to be eligible to follow the Route A Pathway

Desirable qualities include an interest in media and current affairs and some commitment to reading independently. Exam board and syllabus: AQA B

For further advice contact: Mr Holmes

Specification: http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/english/specifications/AQA-7701-7702-SP-2015.PDF


Latest News

Picture of Sophie Waylen Thumb

The inaugural Sophie Waylen Award for Excellence in English Summer 2021

As many in our school community will remember, last autumn, a much-loved former student of Purbeck, Sophie Waylen, passed away during her first term at university. In addition to being an energetic, kind and wonderful role model to others, Sophie was an excellent student of English Language and English Literature at A Level. Last year, the school and Sophie’s family, decided to make an annual award for excellence in English,

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Picture of Poetry Thumb

Purbeck School Poetry Prize

We have been very privileged here at The Purbeck School to have received a wealth of quality entries for this year’s annual Poetry Prize. Inspired by National Poetry Day, the students composed imaginative and engaging pieces of writing presenting their own interpretations on the theme of vision. After reading and subjecting the entries to discourse, the judges have finally reached a decision. This year’s judges were Miss Cattano, Mr Tullett

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Picture of Class of Covid Thumb

‘Class of Covid’ – A Collaborative Poem By Students of The Purbeck School

To mark World Poetry Day, students were asked to find their poetic voice and contribute a line in a whole school poetry collaboration. Each tutor group reflected upon which lines best captured how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted and affected their school lives. The result was ‘Class of Covid’ a poem that brings together our students’ experiences of COVID-19 here at The Purbeck School.

Picture of world-book-day-badge

World Book Day Winners

We are now pleased to be able to announce the winners of the World Book Day competition: Congratulations to… Flo Treves – Year 7 for her wonderfully thematic reading of ‘Watership Down’:               Will Summers Year 9: for his (rather sinister) recreation of Steven King’s ‘The Body’:               Tonia Lamenyuy – Year 9 for some rather impressive photoshop

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Picture of world-book-day-badge

World Book Day Celebration

Despite our obvious separation from each other at the moment, it was wonderful to see how the pupils at The Purbeck School pulled together to celebrate World Book Day. We received hundreds of photographs from students and there is little doubt that our students are highly creative and have a passion for reading. We would like to thank anyone who took the time to send in a World Book Day

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