Expectations of a Year 12 Student

  • Registration – Students will be registered at 8.45am and 2pm by their tutor. Students are expected to be in school all day (with the exception of lunchtime)
  • Attendance – All lessons, tutor times, supervised study, enrichment and compulsory talks/sessions must be attended. Tutors receive a report on student attendance. Students must achieve 90% attendance to progress into Year 13
  • Conduct – students should display respect for all staff, students and property, and be aware
    of how their actions may affect others
  • Study Periods & Study Area – Supervised Study is timetabled in the Sixth Form Centre (SFC) and a register is taken. Other study periods are designed to develop independent study and research skills. Students must use this time effectively. The Library, SFC are available for study, together with some areas in faculties e.g. Art.
    If students wish to meet friends or eat during lesson time, they must use the Café.
  • Leaving the school site – students are permitted to leave the school site at lunchtimes only. If
    they wish to do this they must sign out and back in again to comply with safeguarding and fire
  • Lesson absence request – Parents are strongly advised not to take students out of school at any time (e.g. for holidays). We are unable to authorise holidays in term time. For other authorised absences including such activities as attending hospital appointments (not routine doctors or dental appointments), or driving tests (not driving lessons) requests must be made in writing or by completing a Planned Absence Form in advance, available from the Sixth Form office.
  • Monitoring attendance – If students are unexpectedly absent through illness, please
    telephone the Sixth Form office on that day.
  • Dress Code – Sixth Form students act as role models and ambassadors within the community. They must therefore dress appropriately for school. This means no board shorts, very short skirts/shorts, leggings (unless they have a dress or skirt over the top), flip flops, revealing tops (shoulders must be covered), or slogan tee-shirts that may cause offence. Hats must be removed indoors. If inappropriately dressed, students may be internally excluded or sent home to change. If in doubt, students should ask first! On specific occasions, students may be asked to dress smartly.
  • Smoking – As in the lower school, students are not permitted to smoke on or near the school site, which is a designated non-smoking area. Drugs, alcohol and offensive weapons are obviously not allowed.
  • After school activities – There are a number of activities which students can attend after school or they can use the SFC for independent study.
  • Work deadlines must be met and we will monitor this. There will be several progress checks throughout the year which are formal assessments of progress. If students do not meet work and attendance commitments, action will be taken and students may be asked to leave the Purbeck School Sixth Form.
  • Part-time employment – we recognise the importance of financial independence and support students who choose to seek part-time employment. It is however, vital that students do not jeopardise their success on academic courses by taking on too much in addition to their commitments to Sixth Form study. It is recommended that a maximum of 6 hours paid employment per week is reasonable. Work within the school day is obviously unacceptable.
  • Enrichment – as part of their study in the Sixth Form, students are expected to spend at least 2-3 hours per week carrying out enrichment activities. These activities enable students to become fully involved in Sixth Form life and contribute to the local community. The ability of the student to show they have a wide range of skills and interests is very important for university applications and CVs.
  • Work experience – as part of the sixth form offer, year 12 students are expected to undertake at least 1 week of work experience.
  • Organisation – students are expected to provide and keep their subject folders tidy, organised and record their interim grades and next steps on their tracking sheet in their Induction booklet.