House Captains and Welfare Prefects

The Kestrel Team

Kestrel House Captain – Bailie Hewitt

I applied for the role of House Captain to allow me to have more responsibility, gain experience for skills needed to smoothly run activities and organise events with teamwork knowledge. I want to build relationships with all pupils in the school to ensure they have the best experience possible while attending the Purbeck School. Not only will this build my confidence by talking to lots of new people, but it will help the students grow as they become more comfortable with talking to the “scary sixth formers”! I hope to motivate students to fulfil their full potential, and in the future experience exceptional opportunities.

Kestrel House Captain – Natalie Green

I applied to be a House Captain because I wanted to improve my confidence and public speaking skills ready for when I go to University. Not only that but I wanted to interact with and help the lower school in overcoming obstacles and achieving to their best ability. This means that to do this I can get more involved in inter-house events and various competitions.


Kestrel Welfare Prefect – Katie Stevens

I wanted to become a Welfare Prefect because I think that it’s important for students to know that there are people in school who can support them if and when they need it. I feel that the role is especially important because students can talk to people who have had similar experiences to them and I hope that during my time as a Welfare Prefect I can not only help to improve people’s wellbeing but also improve my own confidence.

Kestrel Welfare Prefect – Hanna Field

I applied for the role of Welfare Prefect because I believe that raising awareness with regard to mental health and bullying, amongst other issues, is incredibly important and one of the first steps to changing attitudes towards mental health.  Growing up in a world where the mental health of those living in it is at the forefront of our society means that everyone should know about the effects of mental health, stress, and anxiety and bullying, especially in school. Through personal experience with these issues I understand how difficult it can be to settle into a school environment and I wish to help those struggling with this.


The Kingfisher Team

Kingfisher House Captain – Laura Wild

I applied for the House Captain role because I want to change the way students at the Purbeck School perceive success. I want to encourage students to feel accomplished in any subject or hobby, whether it be academic, creative or sport related. I really want to encourage students to feel more significant in their accomplishments and abolish the idea that achievement only comes with academic success. I feel I am a good House Captain because of my personal struggle with self-confidence. The school has helped boost my confidence in many ways, and I feel I can pass this on to other students in the school, as well as any academic advice and leadership skills.

Kingfisher House Captain – Rhiannon Stokes

I applied for the role of House Captain as I believed I could help bring cohesion between all the pupils from year 7 all the way through to year 11, this means being able to get the lower school to interact and come together to complete tasks and competitions for our House. I want to be able to boost morale and get students to reach their full potential; I will work hard to get every student to become more involved within the school as this will help them to achieve their aspirations and build their confidence. I want to be seen as a friendly face around the school that pupils can approach if they have any stresses or worries. My overall aim is to work alongside the Student Leadership and the staff to make The Purbeck School the best possible environment to be in for each individual.

Kingfisher House Captain – Oliver Hall

I believe this school has had a huge impact on developing me holistically. As my final year approaches, I feel a responsibility to demonstrate positive qualities as a role model for younger students and I aim to do so through this position of a Kingfisher House Captain. As a sportsman and an academic, I hope to relate to all students and help them develop in their areas of passion. I aim to help build confidence in the lower school pupils and ensure they feel as though they can excel in all areas across the board, whether that’s through their sport and physical activities, or in their academic school subjects. Furthermore, this position will give me an opportunity to guide students in the right direction, and provide them with help and reassurance whenever it may be needed. I also see this as an opportunity to influence students into being positive and self-driven, as I feel these are the most beneficial qualities I have picked up through my years at the school.

Kingfisher Welfare Prefect – Jess Taylor

I applied to take on the role of Welfare Prefect because I wanted to take the responsibility of helping students with their school problems. From working with them to get over exam stress, to supporting them with their relationships with their peers. For younger students going to a member of staff could be quite daunting. So having a trusted point of call from a fellow student may help their process in regaining a healthy state of mind. I believe by taking this role on I am going to develop my valuable life skills such as communication and confidence.


The Skylark Team

Skylark House Captain – George Slack

My main aim as a House Captain is to ensure that I am doing everything within my role to make our school as good as possible for everyone attending. I also aim to ensure that I can present an approachable appearance to the students of the lower school with the intent to be the best role model I can be and be someone they feel comfortable talking to when they have any problems. I want to work as hard as possible to make my House the best by ensuring that we always have a team for inter-house events and by representing my House with a strong minded approach. I saw the House Captain as a way of presenting my strong leadership ability through liaising with my peers but also be guiding the lower school students on the best path possible. I hope that the approach to my House I represent rubs off on the younger students with the aim of their confidence being increased to help them with future events.

Skylark House Captain – Lauren Pryor

I applied for House Captain as I believe that the lower school years should be more involved with the sixth form students and not to be afraid to talk to them about issues. I will work closely with the Welfare Prefects for my house to allow students who are struggling to have a voice and ask for help and advice. I also applied for this leadership role to ensure that my public speaking improves and my communication with teachers and students become more frequent. Hopefully I will leave an impact on the lower years and also sixth form to become a role model for the school, showing ambition and presenting the Purbeck schools values.

Skylark House Captain – Dawid Orszulak

As a new student at The Purbeck School, I aspired to express my interest in contributing to the school life of every student. This motivated me to obtain a leadership position, which incontrovertibly gives me an opportunity to help members of my house achieve their full potential as I strongly believe that people’s strengths lie in different areas. Moreover, in my opinion my communication with students is pivotal as it allows me to look at the school from their perspective, and this undoubtedly will benefit us all by creating a friendly environment for everyone.

Skylark Welfare Prefect – Katie Atkins

I wanted to be a Welfare Prefect because I believe mental health should be a priority for students. In my time as a Welfare Prefect, I aim to resolve any issues any student might have and prevent it from affecting their academic progress in a friendly and approachable way. This position gives younger students a chance to talk to an older student who may have been in a similar situation as well which means a better understanding is reached. Overall, I hope I can promote the importance of being aware of mental illness. Additionally, I am willing to bring to light less spoken about subjects if it means students don’t feel isolated. To me, good mental health means the best chance at success in other areas, especially academic performance, and overall a better quality of life. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow Skylark mentor, Charlotte, and with the House Leader to address personal issues as well as making people feel listened to in our house.

Skylark Welfare Prefect – Charlotte Grenville-Cleave

I applied for the position of Welfare Prefect because I think it’s important to have someone other than a teacher to talk to as the welfare of students is important. I’d personally prefer to talk to someone my age who may have experienced similar issues. I want to provide the platform for other students as I had. I feel I am approachable to anyone no matter the issue they have. I’m looking forward to meeting students and helping them in any way I can alongside the other Welfare Prefect for Skylark and Mr Deremaux.


The Swift Team

Swift House Captain – Ethan Ferrari

I applied to become a House Captain, to strive to motivate, inspire and assist students in my House. My main focus is to make our House the best in the school, through achieving and good motivation. I will promote our students to work as a team and become a stronger community which will lead to winning House competitions and generally being the best. I have a range of constructive ideas which I can use to help students in different ways. I aim to get very involved with House competitions to get the best out of my House with support and enthusiasm.

Swift House Captain – Megan Hocking

I’ve always found the Purbeck School to be a really friendly environment and as a House Captain, I aim to ensure it continues to be welcoming for everyone. Through encouraging older and younger years to work together as part of the House system, I hope to create a more supportive and accepting school environment where students will feel motivated to achieve their full potential. I aim to encourage people to get involved in all the Inter-house competitions through which students will be able to build their confidence and teamwork skills, both of which I believe are so important in life.

Swift House Captain – Lindsay Richter

I am currently studying Applied Science, Sociology and Geography. I wanted to become a House Captain because I want to help students achieve their full potential. I believe that it is vital that the ideas of the students get conveyed to the staff efficiently in order to encourage an environment that is best for the students to thrive. I would like to help to increase the confidence of the students by encouraging them to participate in activities across a range of different subjects to emphasise that people’s strengths lie in different areas. In the future I would like to teach; being a House Captain will allow me to develop my leadership skills and confidence.

Swift Welfare Prefect – Esmay Spreyer

One of the reasons I decided to become a Welfare Prefect is because I believe that everyone should be heard, whether it’s a problem with their peers, home or stress of exams, I believe that students shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their problems. Moreover, I think that the awareness of mental health needs to be improved and I want to show that mental health is not something to be ashamed of.