Due to Covid 19 our Enrichment offer has been limited.  Please contact the Sixth Form Office for further information.  The normal Enrichment offer is detailed below.

Our vision and ethos is that the Sixth Form provides guidance and direction to young adults, through a  superb academic curriculum supported by a rounded enrichment programme, creating successful individuals with confidence and charisma. We offer more than just academic support and we facilitate students to leave as global citizens, ready to make their positive mark on the world.

Photo by Ash Mills

Timetabled enrichment sessions take place on a Wednesday period 5 and are run by experienced staff members in those areas. Enrichment is delivered to small groups on a half termly basis. Enrichment will always look to be as active as possible and students will find themselves, cooking, voting, playing sports, practising CPR and identifying scams in order to bring key messages to life!

By the end of their time here students will have ALL received training in.

  • Basic First Aid.
  • Politics and the importance of your vote.
  • Credit Cards, debit cards and financial
  • management
  • Computer safety, scams and what to watch out for.
  • Living on a budget and basic cooking skills
  • Healthy living and lifestyle through sport.

However, enrichment is more than just a weekly session. We regularly look to provide students with opportunities to work as a team, delve deeper into areas of their interest and ultimately learn important life skills. We start the year with a trip to the Dorset Water Park to welcome new Year 12 students to the Sixth Form and develop teamworking skills. There are a large number of academic trips such as the Art trip to New York, History trips to Berlin, Geology trip to Iceland etc. alongside activities in the UK to enhance the student experience.

We regularly use our growing Alumni to return and inform on future career paths, offering direction, guidance and ideas to our students about the life choices ahead of them. Purbeck Sixth formers are provided with workshops and teambuilding sessions provided by many external agencies. We aim to help them develop ‘streetwise’ skills, and inspire them for their future life and career. The Sixth Form is a very thriving environment for our students to achieve academically, and grow into confident young adults.

The Purbeck School Speakers Programme (pdf)