Royal Navy Visit

Today we had the Royal Navy visit the school to work with Year 9 students on transferable employability skills. They were given a short briefing on roles in the Navy and then embarked on 3 activities which would test their listening, communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills

Spider’s Web
Working in a small team as the Navy would when carrying out Search and Rescue Operations as part of the Disaster Relief effort the students were required to guide all team members to safety through the Spiders Web. This activity develops communication, trust, leadership and teamwork.

Tyre Challenge
This scenario was a flooded road obstructing the team’s path to the other side. Teams need to communicate whilst using only tyres to reach the other side. This is a challenging and exciting activity designed to develop and practice leadership, communication and teamwork skills, whilst having fun.

STEM Activities
The students were presented with a challenges to design and build a satellite tower. This activity developed student’s ability to work together as a group, adapt, improvise and communicate to ensure their design is as effective as possible.

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