Rounders results

Year 10 Rounders Tournament Thomas Hardy

Every year we have an invite to this tournament and it’s a lovely afternoon. Throughout the tournament the girls were consistent, played tactically, made some exceptional catches and as a result sailed through their heat beating Colfox 7½ – 4½, Thomas Hardy A 6½ – 5 and Budmouth 10½ – 1. These wins saw them reach the final against Gryphon School.

Again the girls played brilliantly, Robyn, Jodie and Wilko made jaw dropping catches, Holly was consistent and efficient at bowling and Mikky, Molly, Holly and Wilko continued to score rounders from good hits. However Gryphon had two girls that could hit a rounders ball with such power our girls couldn’t get it back to the bases in time to stop them scoring. Unfortunately their valiant effort did not score enough and they lost 4½ – 7.  A great afternoon and a second place result!


Year 7/8 Rounders

This was the first game every for some of these girls and having had a little training it was amazing to see how well they played. Their first game was against Highcliffe and although there were a few throwing and catching issue we won 6½ – 5. Their second game was against Poole High and some silly errors unfortunately lead the Poole High winning 8 – 6.

Their last game was against Bournemouth School for Girls and again the girls really thought about their game, tried to learn from their previous mistakes and they won 8 – 5.  I was really impressed with this team’s potential and with a little more training and understanding of the tactics required the will be a great little rounders team. Exceptional performances go to Maisie who scored a rounder every time she hit the ball and Caitlin whose quick reactions and fielding skills stopped many rounders being scored.

Well done both teams a great start to the season!

Mrs Davies

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