Road Closure in Winfrith

Dear Parent/Carer,

Please note that there is a road closure in Winfrith starting on Monday and scheduled to last until the 9th October (this was originally meant to start last Monday but was delayed). This means that PB7 and PB8 will be diverted, and those students who board before Winfrith will be picked up at a different time (and, in the case of West Chaldon and Chaldon Herring, on the opposite side of the road). Students who board in Winfrith village itself will need to make their way to the stops at either end of the closure – St Christopher’s Church or the Red Lion. The revised timetables are attached and have also been issued out to the students.

PB7 Roadworks – Tempoary Timetable

PB8 Roadworks – Tempoary Timetable

Any queries please contact the bus company directly:

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