Returning to school

Dear Parent/Carer,

I want to write today to all parents/carers in response to the Government’s announcement yesterday about the reopening of schools next week. The aims of these changes are two-fold, one to try and reduce the impact of the new Covid strain, and secondly to allow time for schools to implement a testing system for students.

As a result of the Secretary of State’s statement, we will be implementing the following:

I hope that the above clarifies the returning arrangements. We will do our very best to try and ensure that the education for your child is not disrupted.

We will be sending out more information out regarding testing for students early next week. There will also be information released next Tuesday on free school meals and how these can be claimed.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at The Purbeck School, can I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Take care,

Adam Darley

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