Returning to School on 8th March.

Dear Parent/Carer

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again next week. I wanted to write to ask that you discuss with your son/daughter the continuing protocols that we have in place at the school to keep everyone safe as the pandemic continues. It is vitally important that we all continue to adhere to the measures that are in place within school so that any Covid outbreak is confined.

All of the previous control measures will remain in place:

  • All students will be in seating plans in each classroom.
  • All students should bubble into year groups on the bus (all buses are running as normal next week)
  • Year groups will be bubbled in school (including break and lunch).
  • Students should use the hand dispensers regularly to ensure that they are sanitising their hands.
  • A one way system is in place to try and alleviate students passing each other in corridors.
  • Extra cleaning staff are employed to support the cleaning of touch areas.
  • Year 7,8 should enter the school through the front gates into the front playground; Yr9,10,11,13 should use the back gates of the school; Yr12 the front entrance.
  • We will encourage ventilation in rooms by keeping doors open throughout the school.
  • All equipment should be brought from home and not shared.

The main areas of change, at least for the remainder of this half term, are as follows:

  • Testing – we will test all students (using the lateral flow test) who return to school the w/b 8th March 3 times up until Friday 26th March (we will only test those with completed consent forms) – after this point home testing kits will be provided. Once a test has been completed you will receive a notification of the test result.
  • Face coverings – these are now mandatory in all areas of the school. They can only be removed in designated areas of the school when students are eating. Any student exemptions from this must be agreed by the school and medical evidence may be required.

As before, if any student tests positive they will be isolated and a parent/carer will be informed to come and pick them up to start their self isolation, close contacts will also be informed and asked to self isolate. Where a student has any symptoms of Covid (loss of taste; high temperature; persistent and new cough) they should not attend school and self isolate, even if they have had a negative lateral flow test. If students are asked to self isolate then they will be provided with some educational work to continue with at home.

Online learning will continue for all year groups until they are back in school, once officially back in school the online learning will stop. We will be running extended tutor periods next week for all year groups in the morning to support the return to school. For the lower school years 7,8,9 and 10 there will be no home learning set (unless coursework is required) until after Easter. Can I also remind everyone that full school uniform is expected on the first day back, here is a link to the uniform page Students will also be resuming PE this half term so PE kit will be required.

I will be writing separately to Year 11 and 13 parents this week about the replacement to the examination system that the school is planning to put in place.

We are asking that all students continue to learn from home (unless agreed) until their designated return date. The return and testing of all of our students is a huge undertaking for the school, your understanding and support for this is much appreciated.

Here are the designated return dates once again:

Monday 8th March                           Year 11 and Year 13

Tuesday 9th March                          Year 10 and Year 12

Wednesday 10th March                  Year 7

Thursday 11th March                       Year 8

Friday 12th March                            Year 9

Once again, can I reiterate how much we are looking forward to everyone returning next week.

Yours sincerely
Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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