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Dear Parent/Carer,

There continue to be a number of announcements coming from the Government around schooling. Therefore, before we reopen tomorrow I wanted to remind everyone of some of the key dates and information.

As of tomorrow (5th Jan) we are open for students of key workers and those deemed as vulnerable, a list of those categories can be found here:

If you have not let us know that you are intending to send your child in tomorrow then please do so by emailing today. School buses should be running as normal.

We are opening on the week beginning 11th January to Year 11 and 13 students, and then on the 18th January to all students.

All students not in school should be logging on to Microsoft Teams so that they can access their learning. A slight change is that we would like all students to register in the morning with their tutor, Therefore could students be on line and with their tutors at 8.45am please (in their Tutor Team). This will give students an opportunity to check in, ask any questions, or report any problems on a daily basis, and an opportunity for key messages to be given out by the Tutor. If you have any problems logging on or do not have access to a device then please contact the school asap.

We are going to begin testing of students and staff over the next few days and weeks. The aim is to test all students as they return to school, starting this week with key worker and vulnerable students, next week with Year 11 and 13, and the week after Year 7,8,9,10 and 12. We will then test contacts of students on a regular basis if there is a confirmed case. We hope that this will allow us to keep the maximum number of students in school at any one time. Following this communication I will send you the guidance from the Department for Education that they have sent us that explains the importance of the testing and how the testing will be undertaken by the school.

For tests to begin we do need your consent. If you have the ‘Parent App’ then there is a consent section to tick that will allow us to administer the test. If not you can either consent by emailing the tutor of your child, or by filling in an electronic form that we will be sending out this week.

The testing is a big undertaking for the school, if you would like to volunteer and offer regular support for the testing process it would be very much appreciated (especially if you have a medical background). Please do contact the school at with a possible regular slot (we are aiming to carry out testing each morning between 8am and 1pm).

We are continuing to follow all the public health guidelines relating to school, and will continue to keep your child as safe as possible whilst they are in school. With this in mind please remember to ensure that your child has the correct equipment for school (so that they do not need to borrow any), that they have a mask, and that they are reminded of the importance of social distancing, and washing hands regularly.

We look forward to welcoming all our students back this term, whenever their start date is, and I will write again later this week.

Take care,

Adam Darley

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