Record Year for RSC Chemistry Olympiad!

Picture of RSC Chemistry Olympiad

Photo (left to right):
Jasmine Mellersh (silver), Will Smith (silver), Ben Keeshan (silver), Lewis Cartridge (bronze), Jake Buckett (bronze), Josh Brown (bronze), Joe Daly (gold), Ben Yarrow (silver), Alex Walton (silver), Tori White (bronze), Geoffrey Edley (bronze),  Laila Dale (bronze), Oscar Meaker (silver), Megan Johnson (silver), Beth Starmer (silver).

Year 13 Chemistry students have given the best performance ever in the RSC Chemistry Olympiad.  This national competition involves sitting a 2 hour exam paper containing highly challenging, problem solving questions.   Topics this year included the chemistry of lateral flow tests, vaccine storage and E10 petrol amongst others .

The competition is aimed at high ability students and entries generally include a high proportion of independent schools.   8668 students were entered this year, and the average A Level Chemistry entry is around 57 000, so it could be argued that a bronze award would put you in the top 10%, a silver in the top 5% and a gold in the top 1.5% of A Level Chemistry students.

As a cohort, the students achieved 10 bronzes, 8 silvers and 1 gold – which is an absolutely exceptional performance, and demonstrates their ability to think in novel ways and apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations.  These are the kind of high-level skills that will be invaluable in future study and employment.  Congratulations from Mr Foyle & Mr Davids!

Not pictured: Michaela Barry (bronze), Mille Swan (bronze), Daisy Moyler (bronze), Zak Jones (bronze).

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