Purbeck students’ run makes it quarter of the way to Rwanda by foot

Students and staff break new school fundraising record and raise £2,400.

Picture of on the day - bucket and stickers PhotoSince the launch of our annual #PurbeckRunToRwanda on 28th May, The Purbeck School’s students and staff took part in sponsored running and walking, together aiming to make up the 6,088 miles between Wareham and Kigali, Rwanda.

Add this to the combination of a non-uniform day, ice-cream sales and sport activities, which were all organised by Charity Prefects, means that all donations add up to a staggering total of £2,400 for the Peace & Hope Initiative, a charity for young people in Rwanda.

Watch this video to see the difference you are making:  https://youtu.be/6R4wEBJvLAM

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all students and staff who participated in sponsored runs and walks, some of whom have run hundreds of miles and personally raised as much as £500, as well as the Charity Prefects who helped run the non-uniform day’s events.  Here are some of the distances they have covered so far:

Participant Miles covered
Jan Alford 208
Barbara Armstrong 10
Kieran Barton 10
Anya Deakin 105.68
Zac Gardiner 27
Ieuan Griffiths 85
Tom Hayman 25
Charlie Mead 6.5
Isabel Milmer 25
Rowan Moore 6.5
Jessica Murphy 200
Nyika Mutendera 26
Poppy Pipe 5
Daisy Pipe 5
Benjamin Sharpe 15
Beth Starmer 20
Arthur Turnock 6.5
Holly Turrill 10
Caisy White 6

Together we have run nearly 1,500 miles – that’s 25% of the total distance.

Mike Hayes, Projects Director, The Amakuru Trust added: “Yet again a brilliant effort from Purbeck!  I am extremely grateful for all the effort you have always put in to raising funds for the Trust. Please thank all those involved in the fundraising from me personally.”

The Peace & Hope Initiative consists of a nursery, primary school and development centre. They offer nutritious food, healthcare, education and guidance for impoverished Rwandan children, whose life opportunities would otherwise be limited. A small African nation, Rwanda suffered heavily in 1994 when a genocide was carried out by extremist militia. In the years following, the Rwandan people have strived to rebuild their home country, and charities like the Peace & Hope Initiative play an important role in helping to support the most vulnerable young Rwandans.

Previous donations from The Purbeck School have provided classrooms and equipment like projectors and textbooks to the charity’s school. This year, our main focus has been on helping young women in education. Many lack the support and resources we take for granted, but any donation can make a difference.

To find out more, see https://peaceandhopeinitiative.org/

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