Purbeck students raise money for the RNLI through the ‘Tenner Challenge’

Mia Lovett and Holly Bood have raised over £60 for the RNLI through the Business Studies department ‘Tenner Challenge. The Challenge for students was to take the £10 and make as much money as they possibly could for a worthy cause.

Mia and Holly certainly did this and raised the money by running a number of charity events. The RNLI were delighted to be presented with the money and Mia, Holly, and Mr Darley were treated to a tour of the facilities at the RNLI in Swanage.

Mrs Mason (Head of Business Studies) who organised the event said that she was ‘thrilled with how the girls had approached the challenge’. Mr Darley said that he was ‘very proud of the girls and was delighted that they had raised the money for such a worthwhile cause’.

Well done Mia and Holly!

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