Purbeck Sports Day Results – Day 2


After a hugely successful ‘Sports Day 1’ incorporating all students competing in team game-based sports, this led to a highly competitive

athletics-based Sports Day 2 with everyone (staff and students down to the field for the afternoon. With the sun shining and all students in PE kit, the scene was set for a highly successful afternoon. Students competed within their houses across numerous track events (60m, 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m and relays) as well as field events (javelin, long jump, high jump and shot putt). To ensure everyone participated on day 2, additional highly inclusive events were included (tug of war, vortex and capture the flag).

TEN SCHOOL RECORDS were broken this year, predominantly in year 7 and 8, as well as both house relays. Congratulations to the following students who excelled in doing this:

Year 7 Girls 100m = A. Warren (14.3s)
Year 7 Girls 300m = J. Dale (52.3s)
Year 7 Boys 100m = E. Kersey (13.1s)
Year 7 Boys Relay = E. Kersey, TJ Shearer, W. Caudell, C. Saunt (Kestrel)
Year 8 Girls 300m = D. Lumley (55.2s)
Year 8 Boys 60m = N. Brown (8.3s)
Year 8 Boys 300m = N. Evans (44.1s)
Year 9 Boys 300m = H. Brown (44.8s)
Girls House Relay = A. Warren, L. Powell, E. Sparrey, H. Humphreys (Skylark)
Boys House Relay = A. Simmonds, N. Brown, C. Shaylor, J. Smith (Kingfisher)

There were some excellent individual and team performances throughout the two days and it was so lovely to see so many students taking part. Two individuals who stood out on the track though in year 10 were Holly Humphreys and Vinnie Vincent, both winning their sprint races and relays convincingly, 100% deserving the Victor Ludorum Cup.

Overall, after 4 years of sports day domination, Swift ended up with the wooden spoon, Kingfisher in 3rd, Kestrel in 2nd and SKYLARK victorious to utter elation from Mr Deremeux.

Well done to all students involved!

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