Purbeck Kindness Week

As we come to the end of the academic year, we wanted to celebrate Purbeck, community, spirit after what has been, at times, a challenging year.

 This week has been launched as “Purbeck Kindness Week” – we would like to encourage the whole Purbeck community to undertake random acts of kindness to lift people’s spirits and make them smile. Whilst the pandemic has caused much distress, it did also encourage people to be community minded. Some people organised care packages and dropped them off on door steps. Many communities held socially distanced street parties for events such as VE Day last year. Others wrote letters to care homes and NHS workers. The gesture does not have to be big – the aim is just to make someone smile.

We have created a SharePoint in OneDrive where you can send us photographs or short videos – we’d love to hear from you about how you’ve made someone smile or feel appreciated this week. This week, during tutor time, students and staff will be planning how they might make someone smile and they will be sharing their ideas here too.

Please use the link to share your photographs and videos.


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