Purbeck Area Primary Sports Awards

Last week, for the first time in three years, we were finally able to deliver a Sports Awards Evening to celebrate sporting success across the Purbeck Area Primary Schools. This entailed each of our Primary Schools nominating three pupils for an award. These awards could be given to any age group and for any reason, this may have been for sporting prowess, continued hard work and dedication at being the best they can be, or leadership within their schools helping to deliver activities.

We were lucky enough to have Jamie Barrow attend our awards evening as a guest speaker. Jamie is the World’s Fastest snowboarder, whether that be by pointing his snowboard straight down a mountain and reaching speeds of over 100km per hour or by being pulled by extremely fast vehicles where he has exceeded 200km per hour. Whichever way he is pretty quick, and has an inspirational story that accompanies him. Here is hoping that he has managed to inspire another generation to work hard and keep driving through adversity, as he most certainly managed to smash his dreams along with plenty of other things along the way (like the odd bone).

Some of our own students were also invited along as they have undertaken the important job of being Purbeck School Leaders.  They have the essential job of facilitating all the activities that the primary schools do as there would be no way myself and Dan could run events for over 100 children without them. They do an absolutely amazing job, they interact brilliantly with the children during sessions and make sure that everyone understands and is involved. They also need to officiate events at times which in itself is a really difficult job to do. So a massive thankyou and well done to all the leaders for their help across the year.

It was also my pleasure to say a very sad ‘goodbye’ to one of our Year 13 students Holly Gate, she has played a vital role in the leadership element for these activities throughout her time at The Purbeck School, she will be missed terribly but we wish her all the best in the next stage of life at university. I am sure she will smash it.

A final thankyou to all the Primary Schools which support us in all we deliver to enable the pupils across the Purbeck area to get as many experiences as they can throughout the year. Also a big thankyou to Mr Darley for allowing our students to be released throughout the year to enable this to happen. Roll on September, where we get to do it all again.

Miss Hamblin

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