Pine Pulling at Arne!

This week our Year 9 students had a great time, and made a contribution to our local environment, by pulling up stray pine trees at Arne nature reserve. The heathland at Arne is an invaluable habitat for a great number of birds, however it can be compromised by the sheer number of pines that grow after mature trees have shed their seeds.

But not for long!

The Purbeck School continued its long-running partnership with our friends at the National Trust and RSPB, as over one hundred Year 9 students pulled on their gloves in the winter sunshine and set to work. Over two days, four groups cleared young pines from a huge expanse of the Arne reserve. It was appropriate that this conservatory, bird-supporting work was done in our house groups: Kestrel, Kingfisher, Skylark and Swift.

Any parents or friends interested in volunteering at Arne should contact the RSPB office.


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