Parent Council Lesson Tour

On the 8th of February, several members of the parent council came for a tour of the school and visited a number of lessons to get an impression of what the school is like during the normal working day. They visited a number of lessons across a range of subjects including Maths, English, Drama and Geography and saw a wide range of year groups in action. After their experience of lessons, they were interviewed by assistant headteacher, Mr McNaughton, about their impressions of the school.

The parent council were keen to stress how impressively calm the school atmosphere and environment is and how all the learning environments they visited were extremely purposeful and productive. They felt that all of the teacher and pupil relationships that they witnessed were excellent and commented on how impressive they felt the teachers were when supporting their classes with their learning.

The parent council members also had many lovely compliments for our students; they commented on how the classroom behaviour they saw was excellent and one parent mentioned just how different The Purbeck School was to the kind of schools you see on the television sometimes! They thought it was really positive to see how hard the students were concentrating on their learning and were impressed by the focus our current year eleven students had on their revision in their lessons.

The last class we visited was Mrs Shannessy’s drama class who were practising their exam performances. The parent council were treated to two impromptu performances by students and were extremely impressed by how confident the students were. One parent commented ‘it is so impressive that they are willing to perform for us like that without any preparation time’.

The only downside to the day was when one poor student had to cope with the embarrassment of her parent visiting her in lesson – I am sure that they will recover from the shock soon.

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