Nursing & Engineering Careers Talks

Year 11 and 6th form students had the amazing opportunity to attend two talks from external speakers, who are experts in the field of nursing and engineering.

Emily Foyle delivered a passionate and informative presentation, outlining nursing careers within the NHS and describing her own personal and fascinating experiences as a volunteer nurse in Tanzania and for charities in Sudan and Afghanistan as well as her current role as a flight nurse.

Jed Percy described his pathway from studying at the Purbeck School to working as a Geotechnical Engineer in a mine in Australia.  He also elaborated on A Level and University choices, how to use social media to advance your career and the specific role a Geotechnical Engineer fulfils.

Both speakers were superb and students were clearly enthused by what they had heard.  They also gained an invaluable insight into the global possibilities available to them and the various pathways they would need to take to get there.

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