Numerise – Secondary Ready

Secondary Ready is a course that Year 6 learners can access free-of-charge to help them prepare them for starting Year 7 in September.

Being up-to-speed in maths when starting secondary school is really important. Things like core number skills are really vital to make sure that when they start moving on to more challenging concepts, they have a solid foundation. It’s also really important to make sure that your child doesn’t have any gaps in their knowledge and some regular practice over the summer will help ensure that the core skills don’t get forgotten.

Numerise’s Secondary Ready course covers topics like geometry and statistics that your child will have covered at primary school to make sure that their learning stays interesting and varied.


  • Designed specifically to prepare children for starting Year 7
  • Varied questions keep learners engaged and motivated
  • Help videos are available for when a child gets stuck
  • Use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile – whichever suits you
  • Powered by Sparx Maths, which improves progress in maths

If you want to give the full Numerise pilot a go, then please click here:


Carl Morris

Head of Mathematics

Deputy Head teacher

The Purbeck School

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