Notice for parents and carers: school survey

Every two years our school gathers the views of all students, parents and staff. This helps us to celebrate what works well and identify what we can improve. On Monday your child will be bringing home an envelope which includes a letter explaining what to do, the survey itself, and an envelope in which to return it. The survey includes approximately seventy tick box questions with an open section for comments should you wish to add any. You may wish to ask your daughter/son some questions about their own views to help you complete the survey.

The survey is anonymous. We value your views and want to know what you really think.

We would like to send the completed surveys to Kirkland Rowell, the collating organisation, as soon as possible and really appreciate your help. We understand that parents and carers are busy people but we have also incentivised the students to return the surveys as soon as possible: help your child win an iTunes voucher or chocolates for their tutor group!

Many thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Simon Holmes
Assistant Headteacher

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