Non Uniform Day – Friday 14th February

This Friday The Purbeck School will be holding a non uniform day for our link schools in Rwanda.

This non uniform day has a specific purpose, to help raise the money to build two new classrooms for the ‘Peace and Hope’ school in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali. The school is in one of the poorest districts of Kigali and is a beacon of hope for the children that attend.

The headteacher is an inspirational man, Albert Musabyimana, who lost many of his family in the genocide that happened in the country during 1994, where over 1 million people were killed in the space of just 100 days. Albert was determined to do something to support the next generations of children in Rwanda and so set up the ‘Peace and Hope’ school.

Albert has been working in conjunction with the charity that the school works alongside, the  Amakuru Trust, to raise funds to ensure that the children in this district of Kigali have a stable future. The aim is to build two new classrooms at a cost of £1500, to increase the numbers of vulnerable children who can be educated to around 400.

This project would have a major impact on the lives of those attending and support a region in Kigali where schooling is not the norm. It would give opportunity where before there has not been any.

Whilst visiting Rwanda the students of The Purbeck School visited the school and met the students and teachers. The students universally decided that this was a place that The Purbeck School should try and raise some money for. Therefore, this non uniform day is part of that process.

We would therefore like to suggest that there is a minimum donation of £1, but a suggested donation of £2 for the non uniform day. If you would like to donate any more than this then please do feel free to do so – it is for an exceptionally worthwhile cause.

The pictures below show you our students with those from the ‘Peace and Hope’ school and the buildings in the background are the buildings that are being refurbished with our help.

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