Next Gen Nursing Workshop

Picture of nursingOn Wednesday, Year 10 & 11 students considering a career in nursing were invited to take part in an informative insight workshop with NHS England. The workshop looked to dispel and debunk the myths about the sector and inform young people about the amazing opportunities that being a nurse can offer. Students will have the opportunity to find out about a wide range of different career routes into nursing and hear from NHS nursing ambassadors who will provide students with key knowledge and advice from a range of different perspectives within the nursing sector!

One of the students attending wrote:

I think that the workshop was useful and had lots of information about the nursing industry, it answered lots of my questions and made me want to embark on a nursing career even more. I learnt that there’s different levels of nursing and that you need lots of certain skills for each level. I really enjoyed the workshop; the nurses were very helpful and answered all the questions fully and I would recommend it for other schools.


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