New Student Council Formed

After the process of selecting a student council from a large number of excellent application letters, the newly formed Purbeck School student council met for the first time yesterday with headteacher Mr Darley. The students 1were keen to build on the successes of the student council last year who were instrumental in helping the senior team make changes to the school reports, a number of policies, as well as helping to create the positive behaviour cards.

The first council meeting had a very full agenda and a number items were discussed at length such as the school anti-bullying policy, proposed changes to break and lunch and student principal cards. The student council were also keen to discuss other ways to improve school life and raised other issues such as the importance of fruit being added as part of the meal deal options at lunchtime. If you are keen to read the minutes from this meeting, you can find them here.

We would like to thank all the council members for their excellent contributions and we are looking forward to consulting with them through the academic year.

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