National Careers Week: Mathematics

This week is National Careers Week. Most jobs and careers will need you to use maths in some way and it’s particularly useful in job families like accountancy, banking and finance, management, environmental sciences, construction, engineering and manufacturing, medical technology, and science and research. If you want to explore careers in mathematics in further depth, we have the resources to support you.

The Maths Careers website provides a range of resources, information and signposting to help those working in mathematics. Split into different age ranges, the website presents regular articles as well as providing lots of guidance on careers in Business, Environment, Sports, Entertainment, Science and Engineering. Click here to access all of their resources:

Another fantastic website is the UCAS website, It highlights key qualifications (academic, vocational and  apprenticeships) that will support careers in maths and lists the skills and qualities that you gain by studying maths. Most importantly, it provides comprehensive advise on careers using maths.

If you are a Year 10 student and interested in finding out more about how maths is used in different careers and the importance of continuing to study maths after GCSE, here is a link to an enrichment event titled ‘Which Career? – Meet people working in different roles’:

If you want to find out more about National Careers Week, then please click here:

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