Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

Well the lockdown has lifted a little, but not significantly and as such there is no change to the status of secondary schools this week. Our primary colleagues have been asked to start planning for the reintroduction of Year 1 and Year 6, and we have been asked to start to prepare for the possibility of phasing a return for Year 10 and 12, but are still waiting for details, when we have any we will of course let you know.

Assessment week has now taken place. Thank you to all our Year 10 and 12 students who have worked hard this week completing and handing in their assessments. Next week is the final week before the half term break, we will not be setting any Teams work over the half term break, or expecting any project work to be done, we think that our students deserve a break from studying and that the half term break seems to be the natural time for this. You can still access the enrichment projects on the school website if you wish. The school will also be shut over the half term week to allow teachers and support staff a break and a deep clean of the building to take place.

The ‘Lockdown Learner Wall of Fame’ has once again been inundated with excellent work – this week’s winner for some superb English work is Trinseca White (Year 9), once again please do check out some of the pictures of the learning that has been sent in, and well done to everyone who has made the wall this week. Keep on trying and that voucher may be just be coming your way next week!

Next week you will receive the school report for your son/daughter. These reports were written at the start of the lockdown process, but the feedback and next steps will still remain relevant. These will be published early next week and you should be able to receive them through the parent app or your email account.

Once again have a safe week, and I will write again next week.

Best wishes

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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