Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

Just a quick note on this week and the return to school.

Our students have been fantastic settling back into school routines. Can I thank all of them for coming back in such a positive, calm, and measured manner. We can all be very proud of how the young people of this community have coped with the lockdowns, the Covid restrictions in school, online learning, and the testing programme. At each step they have shown a resilience and adaptability that young people rarely get credited for.

I would also like to publicly thank the staff at the school. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the students return has been as smooth as possible. Particular thanks must go to the support staff who have undertaken over 800 lateral flow tests this week (by the end of next week they will have completed over 2000 tests). Their willingness to establish and set up a brand new testing system, and wear full PPE for hours on end, is certainly not part of their job description, yet their professional and compassionate approach has enabled all students to be tested this week with military precision.

Students will be tested twice more over the next 6 school days, after that home kits will sent home. This week we have not reported any positive tests, if we do have a positive test then we will be in the unenviable position of asking students to self-isolate for 10 days, I am afraid this will be unavoidable if we do have a positive test.

Just a quick reminder that on Friday 19th March students can wear something red for red nose day in addition to their school uniform for a £1 donation. As well as this they can enter the best Dad joke competition that you will have been sent some details about.

I hope that all of our Mum’s have a lovely Sunday (no doubt treated by your son/daughter!), and that everyone enjoys the weekend.

Take care

Adam Darley

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