Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

Can I start by thanking all of our Year 11 and 13 students who have been involved with mock examinations over the past two weeks. They have approached the examinations in exactly the right frame of mind and were a credit to themselves and the school. The key at this point is for Year 11 and 13 students to take on board the advice of their teachers who will be feeding back the results over the next week or so. There will be another set of mock examinations next March, and so another opportunity for all of our students to show what they are capable of. It is a crucial time for both year groups and I would urge parents to sign up to the upcoming parents’ evenings for Year 11 (3rd Dec) and Year 13 (10th Dec), these will be virtual and details will be sent out shortly.

I would also like to thank the Student Council, who I met with last week. We have over 40 students on the Council. They were able to ask me questions about the school’s response to Coronavirus, and Mr Mockridge over the introduction of the new praise system. As a result of their input there will be a number of changes being made. One of which will be an update on the expectations of wearing masks around the school. At present students are reminded that they need to be wearing a mask around the site, however, from Monday it will become part of the school uniform, and failure to wear a mask around the site will lead to a signing on the principle card. Therefore, can I ask that you all remind your son/daughter of the importance of wearing a mask in school, and that they bring a mask to school everyday. As a school we have now issued over 1500 face masks, therefore, if a student comes to school without a face mask from Monday, they will have their principle card signed before one is provided. If a student is exempt from wearing a mask they will be issued with an exemption badge.

Regarding Coronavirus we are continuing to review all of the mitigation measures that we have in place. Thank you to everyone who has self isolated, and particularly this week to parents who came in at short notice to pick up their son/daughter in response to our latest case. It is frustrating that we have to ask students to self isolate, and we are doing our best to ensure that there is online work available. If you are self isolating and eligible for free school meals then please contact the school if you do not hear anything as hampers are available. Hopefully, all the positive media reports of a vaccine will allow us back to some normality in the new year.

We are also holding our Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 26th November. All of our videos will be released on the website for you to view our sixth form offer. This event kick starts the Year 11 process for making plans for next year. There will be individual appointments available for parents on the web page, so please do have a good look round.

One final reminder – the school is shut next Friday (27th November) to all pupils as it is an INSET day.

Thanks once again for everyone’s support this term, I will write again soon.

Take care,

Adam Darley

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