Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer/Student,

School is now officially ‘out for the summer’.  It has been the strangest year that any of us have ever known and one that I don’t mind admitting I don’t want to repeat.

To Year 13 and Year 11.  We know that we have not been able to give you the send off that you wanted, or deserved, but we hope that the results this summer enable you to access whatever you want for the next stage of your journey.  Good luck to those that are moving into apprenticeships, University or other educational establishments elsewhere, and if you are coming back there will be a genuine and warm welcome for you.

To Year 10 moving into Year 11 and Year 12 moving into Year 13 it has been fantastic to see some of you over the past few weeks.  It has felt like a school again, however limited, when you have been with us.  Have a rest this summer and then be ready to face whatever we might need to together from September.  We need to hit the ground running as we enter your final GCSE/A level year with us.

For Year 7-9 we have missed you and we can’t wait to welcome you back into school.  No doubt you will have all grown by at least a foot! and much like the Year 10 and 12’s we need to hit the ground ready to face the challenges that a new academic year brings.

To the key worker students who have been in school everyday – ‘well done’. You have been an absolute credit to yourselves and the school.  It has been tough for you being in the same room, seat, and sat at the same computer each day, and you have applied yourself with good humour and a dedication to your studies.  Your insistence on supplying the staff with cake has been particularly well received!

There will be lots of changes around the school in September (at least in the short term) as I indicated last week, and we will all have to learn together about some of the new systems.  I will write at the end of the school holidays to indicate exactly what those will be, but we are aiming to offer you a full curriculum, whilst at the same time keeping you apart as year groups as much as possible to enable ‘bubbling’ to take place.

I would like to finish with a huge ‘thank you’ to a couple of other groups of people.  To parents and carers, we know how difficult the last term has been for you as well, and it has been your effort and support that has allowed the online system to work.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at The Purbeck School (teaching and support) who unfailingly have gone above and beyond and I hope that they all have a proper and restful break away from a computer screen.

Finally there are some ‘good byes’ to let you know about. Mr Forgan (Senior IT Technician) is retiring from The Purbeck School after 18 years, we will sorely miss him, he has kept much of the school running over the past 18 years, not to mention his support and dedication to the school shows.  Mrs Richardson, Mr Lynn, Mrs Bazany-Barber, Ms Barrett and Mr Powell are also leaving the school and we wish them all well for their future projects.

Enjoy the summer and I will be in touch again at the start of September.

Take care and best wishes,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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