Mental Wellbeing Workshop

On Monday all our Sixth Form students new took part in an hour long workshop aiming to prepare them for the pressures of the new year ahead. The focus of the workshop was to encourage them to think about and take responsibility for their own wellbeing and to develop the skills to build resilience to cope with the move into the Sixth Form and to prepare them for later life.

Mr Hopwood, Wellbeing Lead for The Purbeck School said “It is vital that young people learn the skills when they are young, in order that the pressures of change and the individual challenges they each face, do not limit their success and happiness in life”. At the end of the session , pupils created a postcard on which they committed to doing something that would help improve their own personal wellbeing or resilience.

On occasion, students need some extra help with their wellbeing are encouraged in the first instance to see Mrs Scott our Sixth Form Learning Mentor.

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