Maths Wall of Fame – Well Done!

Purbeck Maths Learners of the Week

Well done to our TOP TEN Maths students this week!

Taken from Sparx, using the ‘XP points’, our most enthusiastic students of the week are listed below.

Who will be on the leaderboard next week???

Maths Wall Fame for Monday 20th – Sunday 26th February 2023

Year 7

Grace Woolford
Chloe Eite
Oscar Mott
Gracie Towers
Lucas Cutler
Jenna Somerset
Livio Di Grazia
Riley Gray
Emyr Griffiths
Nicholas Feeney

Year 8

Immi Maidman
Chloe Sanderson
Sophie Bugler
Nikita Kalinin
Trina Ndzeshu
Charles Ross
Samuel Cockwell
Peter Leaton
Zachary Burbidge
Katie Hombersley

Year 9

Georgina Smith
Jaiden Dalby
Keira Smith
Nathan Brown
Jaidiene Moss
Zoe Macbeth
Freddie Rogers
Leigha Cox
Ryan Roberts
Patrick Smith

Year 10

Emma Corrini
Grace Peters
Emma Peters
Eve Parker
George Royan
Owen Sullivan
Ollie Auburn
Jordan Ranger
Safiya Carter
Tyler Wood

Year 11

Caitlin Mitchell
Owen Erskine
William Hobbs
Zander Astells
Teaenna Bush
Evie Webster
Joshua Waite
Jimmy Gwilliam
Isobel Derrick
Oliver Davis
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