Marvellous Maths

On Tuesday, a group of year 9 mathematicians, including myself, were invited to help out with ‘Marvellous Maths’. This involved year 5 students from different primary schools coming into the school for a morning of Maths activities.

One of the activities was based on properties of shapes. Another looked at cubes that you could put together to explore sequences and patterns. There was another activity which had a staircase problem that explored addition and subtraction.

Students involved in this event were Jack Jeavons, Kieran Elford, Marc Scoular, Emily Lane, Joe Bolar, Harvey Morgan, Matthew Merry, William Lewis, Willoughby Liley, and Finn Wilde. We all had lots of fun helping out and we got lots of positive feedback. I would recommend this for your children. This event was organised by Mr Benzon who commented “The year 9’s did a fantastic job on Tuesday making the year 5’s feel very welcome! They are a real credit to Purbeck School and have done themselves and our school proud.

Marc Scoular

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