Update: The end of term and the start of next term

Dear Parent/Carer

I wanted to write about the school response to the opening up of society and the removal of Covid restrictions as of Monday 19th July.

As you will be aware we have had a number of confirmed Covid cases in the school over the past few weeks. Therefore, we will be keeping all of our Covid protocols in school until the end of term.

This includes the compulsory wearing of masks around the school site (unless exempt), continuing to bubble year groups, ensuring that the site is cleaned after each lesson, and ensuring that we are all taking personal responsibility for sanitising our hands on a regular basis.

The bus companies will also be keeping their current requirement for students to wear masks on buses until the end of term.

We will review all of our protocols over the summer and decide on any requirements for the Autumn term based on the local/national picture and Department for Education advice.

It has now been confirmed that we will be required to test all students on their return to school in September, using the lateral flow test. There is a requirement that we do this twice in the first two weeks of the new term. Due to the number of tests that are required we will need to stagger the start of the new term in September.

Therefore, the start of term for each year group will be as follows:

Monday September 6th Year 7 Year 12 (enrolment/testing – lessons will
not begin until Wednesday September 8th)
Tuesday September 7th Year 11 Year 13
Wednesday September 8th Year 8
Thursday September 9th Year 9
Friday September 10th Year 10

Information will also be sent to you later today around the changes to test and trace that are taking place as of next week.

Take care

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School

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