Interested in taking A Level Chemistry?

Students from Year 12 will be sharing weekly updates straight from their Chemistry class.

Year 12 Chemistry students have made an excellent start to the course.  Students have spent this term studying concepts such as atomic structure, the fundamentals of organic chemistry, chemical calculations, structure and shapes of molecules & reaction kinetics.  Moving into the new year, students will be writing a weekly update to give an overview of their recent Chemistry lessons. 

Hear from A Level student Josh Brown on the latest topic in Chemistry:

Recently in A level Chemistry we have been quite busy. With Mr Foyle we used plasticine to understand the shapes that different molecules will make.  We have also completed a practical to investigate the effect changing the concentration of acid will have on the rate of a reaction, by measuring the volume of gas produced. With Mr Davids we carried out a titration to determine the purity of a sample of sodium carbonate. We have also practiced lots of calculations with Mr Davids using the ideal gas equation along with the equation for moles and concentration.


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