Uniform and Equipment

The Purbeck School Uniform Policy

Parental support is required to ensure that all students are well presented. We have high expectations for our standard of dress as it sets the expectation for work and behaviour and projects a positive image of the school in the community.

It is expected that all students will take responsibility for their personal hygiene and arrive dressed in a clean, tidy and respectable manner. We ask parents to support the role in creating a sense of belonging to the school.

Parents are asked not to purchase items of clothing for school which do not appear in the list below. If you are in any doubt or difficulty, please contact the school and discuss the problem with your child’s House Leader.

We reserve the right to sanction or send a student home who does not comply with our uniform rules.

MAKE UP – Must be discreet. This must be removed if requested by a member of staff.

NAIL POLISH – Must be clear. No coloured tips/ patterns, designs or false nails. Nails should be,
approximately no more than 3mm long for health and safety reasons. False nails or varnish must be removed if requested by a member of staff.

JEWELLERY – The ONLY jewellery permissible is a wrist watch, one ring, one chain (worn under
the shirt). Facial/tongue and body piercings, of any kind, are not acceptable even if they are
covered up. Transparent studs or spacers of any kind are unacceptable. If students have pierced ears, only single plain studs may be worn in school. Only ONE stud in each ear. No other form or ornamentation is permitted.

HAIRSTYLES – Must be neat and tidy and of a single natural colour. It should not be excessively short. Extremes of fashion are not permitted.

Sixth Form Dress Code

You are not required to wear uniform in the Sixth Form but there are guidelines
concerning clothes and accessories. You should wear clothes which are suitable
for studying in and would be classed as ‘smart / casual’ . The school is a working
environment so carefully consider what is appropriate, this means that clothing
should be smart, modest and worn with dignity. Minimal jewellery /accessories
should be worn.

Dress code:

    • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be on or below the knee
    • Shorts must be smart
    • Straps on tops/dresses must be wide enough to cover any undergarments and cover the shoulder You are NOT permitted to wear the following items as they are considered inappropriate and do not present a professional image: –
    • Very short shorts, skirts or dresses — with or without tights/leggings
    • Leggings can only be worn if there is a skirt or dress covering them to midthigh length
    • Cropped and/or strappy or strapless tops/very low tops
    • Clothing containing inappropriate slogans
    • Flip flops
    • Jogging bottoms
    • Ripped clothing
    • Board shorts
    • Inappropriate jewellery, including very obvious facial piercings
    • Hair must be a natural colour.

There may be occasions when an item or manner of dress not listed above is
deemed inappropriate. In these circumstances, a member of the Sixth Form team
or your tutor will speak to you. There may also be occasions when very formal dress
code is required. If you are in any doubt speak to your tutor/member of the Sixth
Form team.

Uniform Suppliers

PMG Schoolwear
85 High Street
Dorset BH15 1AM

Message from PMG Schoolwear

AF Joy
35 North Street
Dorset BH20 4AD

AF Joys – reopening for school uniform

Please note that Purbeck School ties can only be purchased from the school, thus reducing their cost to £6.  Ties will be on sale from the school reception.

If you have any questions about your child starting at the Purbeck School please do not hesitate to ring the school.

School equipment

At The Purbeck School, all teachers want students to be ready and fully equipped for every lesson. Having the right equipment for school every day helps to ensure lessons start smoothly and more learning takes place. Please can you support us by ensuring your child has everything that they may require.

All students must have the following equipment:

  • 2 black or blue pens
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Knowledge organiser
  • Reading book
  • PE kit (for Sport lessons)
  • Cooking ingredients (for Food Technology lessons)

In addition, students may require:

  • Calculator
  • Glue stick
  • Purple pen
  • Red pen
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Set of colouring pencils

At the start of the year, we provide each child with a mini-whiteboard and board pen. This is so that teachers can check student understanding at different points in the lesson.

If your child needs new equipment, then they can buy what they need from our Student Services.