Dorset County Council have informed us that there are changes to the transport services provided to the Purbeck School. These changes may affect the routes and times of busses; please use the links provided, for further information.

This link will take parents to the bus routes and timetables for The Purbeck school:

Changes affecting Sixth Form students:

In previous years, all of the services from Swanage have been open-door, i.e. anyone could get on and pay a cash fare. As of September 2017, none of the school services will accept cash fares and only pass-holders will be able to board the bus. Only route 40 (the standard Swanage – Wareham town centre – Poole service) will accept fare-payers.

The following link provides detailed information on the Surplus Seat travel scheme for 6th form:

Please direct all enquires directly to Dorset County Council or Damory.

For parents/carers of those in current Year 11 receiving home to school transport:

We write to remind you that any current Year 11 entitlement to free home to school transport comes to an end in July 2016.

If your child will be joining sixth form there is no automatic entitlement to free home to school or college transport once a student is over 16. However, if places are available on school transport vehicles, (not public service buses) families can apply through the Surplus Seat Travel Scheme. Applying for a surplus seat does not guarantee you a seat – please ensure that you have alternative transport in place in the event of there not being any spare seats available.

There is a charge for using these seats; the price for 2017/18, will be £640.In some cases the local authority can assist with travel expenses in certain circumstances.
The price is reduced by 50% for those students who meet the following criteria:

  • be resident in the Dorset County Council area, even if attending a school/college in a neighbouring authority
  • be under 19 on 31 August immediately preceding the start of the academic year
  • live over 5 miles from their nearest and/or appropriate school/college
  • be in full time education (16 hours or more over 3+ days per week)
  • their immediate family is in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit
  • the student had a compelling medical circumstance prior to post 16 which attracted transport support and a case is made for it to continue (applies to nearest school/college only and supporting evidence from the appropriate Medical Officer will always be required)

You can apply online at Please apply by 31st May 2017.

Please note, there is no guarantee of a seat – please ensure that you have alternative transport in place in the event of there not being any spare seats available.

Further information can be found at