The Purbeck School response to Covid 19

Covid Consent Form – March 2021 docx.

Covid Consent Form – March 2021 pdf.

Letters for Parents:

10 ways to survive lockdown

Covid Catch Up Strategy 2020-21

Consent form for COVID-19 testing in secondary schools and colleges

Coronavirus Guidelines for Parents

Guide to working from Home – Year 7

Guide to working from Home – Year 8

Guide to working from Home – Year 9

Guide to working from Home – Year 10

Guide to working from Home – Year 11

Letter to parents and guardians_ when you should book a coronavirus test for your child

Covid Message to Parents – 22/09/2020

Covid Related Absence Guide – Sept 2020

Face Masks – Sept 2020

PE Curriculum Covid Letter Sept 2020

Drop off and pick ups:

  • All drop off for students in the morning should be at the back of the school in the car park (we will not be allowing cars into the front playground as we have done previously).
  • Year 7,8 students will be asked to enter the school through the front of the school in the normal way through the student entrance (there will be one for Year 7 and one for Year 8).
    • Year 7 enter through the ‘Student Reception’ into the Café
    • Year 8 enter through the bottom of H Block
  • Year 9,10,11 will be asked to enter the school through the back gate by the tennis courts, each year group then has a designated area of the school to assemble in.
    • Year 9 enter through the Canteen doors
    • Year 10 by the Main Entrance
    • Year 11 by the entrance to L rooms
  • 6th form students will continue to enter school through the main reception area.
    • Year 12 will use the staircase to at the back of the sixth form centre
    • Year 13 will use the main reception

Break time/lunch time/canteen:

  • Each year group will be designated separate areas of the school before school/during break/ and at lunchtime. Year groups will not be allowed to mix socially.
    • Year 7 front playground left hand side by the Café
    • Year 8 front playground right hand side by the Canopy
    • Year 9 Science quad by the boiler and rear playground
    • Year 10 Purbeck Hall quad
    • Year 11 Languages quad by the boiler
  • At lunchtime each Year group will have a designated area to eat in.
    • Year 7 Café
    • Year 8 designated L Rooms and Drama Studio
    • Year 9 Canteen
    • Year 10 The Purbeck School
    • Year 11 designated Maths rooms
  • Canteen food will be available at break and lunchtime in the separate designated areas, however, this will be a limited service. The canteen will be shut before school.
    • Year 7 will access the canteen through the Café side
    • Year 8 will access the canteen in the normal way (queuing alongside the kitchen)
    • Year 9 will access the canteen by queuing in the canteen
    • Year 10 will have a station set up in The Purbeck School
    • Year 11 will have a station set up in D3
  • Students will be asked not to share food.
  • We have reduced the social time at break time and lunch time, this will make the school day a little shorter next term. School will finish at 3pm.
  • The end of the school day will be slightly staggered for key stage 3 and key stage 4.
    • Yr7,8 will end lessons at 14.55pm
    • Yr 10,11 will end lessons at 15.00pm

Around school:

  • Hand washing remains the most important way to kill the virus. We encourage all students to wash their hands after each break time. In addition to the cleaning facilities in each toilet block we have installed over 50 dispensers around the school that will dispense gel that kills the virus. We would also advise that students bring their own hand sanitisers where possible.
  • Students will have reminders about social distancing and signage around the school supports this message.
  • Each year group will have a toilet block assigned to them.
    • Year 7 by the Café
    • Year 8 Languages toilets
    • Year 9 DT toilets
    • Year 10 Reception toilets
    • Year 11 Maths toilets
    • Year 12 and 13 Humanities/Science
  • All toilet areas have been ‘fogged’ this should kill the Covid germ for 30 days
  • To minimise contact between students during the crossover time between lessons we have instigated a one way system. The system is clearly marked on all walls around the school.
  • Where it is not a fire hazard all internal doors will be kept open to ensure air circulates and there are less communal touch points.
  • There will be cleaners on site everyday circulating the school cleaning touch points.
  • There has been a specialist clean of all areas of the school over the summer and all touch areas will be cleaned everyday.

In the classroom/the curriculum:

  • Students will be in seating plans.
  • Equipment will not be shared between year groups. We would recommend that all students are fully prepared for the new school year and do not borrow or lend equipment to other students.
  • Where possible, rooms have been configured so that students face the front and excess materials have been removed.
  • Each room will have a cleaning kit that may be used at the end of each of lesson or as required.
  • There will be some changes to the PE curriculum next term as they will not be able to run contact sports.
  • In other practical subjects equipment will not be shared between year groups unless it has been effectively cleaned.
    • Art – restricted curriculum – focus on drawing in Term 1
    • DT/Food Tech – restricted curriculum – limited practical – clear protocol to be put in place
    • Science – restricted curriculum – limited practical – clear protocol to be put in place
    • Drama – restricted curriculum – focus on monologues in Term 1
    • PE – restricted curriculum – focus on tennis and orienteering in Term 1
  • There will be no extra curricular clubs running after school at the start of term.

First Aid

  • If a student or member of staff becomes ill we have a room to immediately isolate them.
  • Full PPE is available to first aid staff as and when required.

On the buses:

  • All buses will be closed route buses, as in they will only be used for that school route.
  • Each bus will be sanitised at the end of each day.
  • The X54 public bus will be running two buses, the public bus and a closed bus for students. Students can take either bus.
  • It will be expected that all students on the X54 service wears a face mask. It is not mandatory on other school bus routes, although we would strongly advise that students do wear a mask.
  • Students will be asked to sit in the same seats each day. However, students will have to take their own responsibility for doing this. There will not be a member of staff on board to enforce this.
  • All buses will leave site at 3.10pm each day apart from the X54 which will still leave site at 3.25pm, students on the X54 will be allocated a space to wait until that time.

Face Masks:

  • At the time of writing masks are not mandatory in schools. We would strongly advise that students wear face masks whilst moving around the school, at break/lunch time, and on the buses.
  • Masks should be of a sensible nature in terms of colour and design.
  • If a member of staff asks a student to remove a mask then they should.