The GCSE Countdown

School Week 2 ( 18th Feb – 22nd Feb)

Dear parent/carer

The countdown continues – 45 school days to the first exam!

Year 11 students are now busy finishing off coursework or coming to the end of their GCSE courses Revision will start in some lessons as we come back after half term and there are now revision sessions running across the school. When we are back after half term the Food Technologists have their Food practical exam (Tues 26th-28th Feb) and of course we have parents’ evening on the Thursday 28th Feb. Please try and sign up to see members of staff – particularly in any of the subjects where your son/daughter may be having any difficulties.

  • Exam tip of the week – make sure that you have all of the revision guides that you need to revise from thoroughly – if you have not got revision guides for a subject then either buy one at a book store or online (make sure it is linked to the right syllabus) or ask a teacher in school and they will have the guide that you need – probably for a cheaper price!
  • Revision strategy of the week – If you go to the website below it has six excellent revision strategies that you could suggest for your son or daughter

Remember that Year 11’s should now be revising every evening for their exams – we would recommend at least 1 hour an evening.

Have a fantastic half term week and I will write again once we are back from half term.

Adam Darley

School Week 1 ( 11th Feb – 15th Feb)

Dear parent/carer

We now are on the countdown to the Year 11 summer exams. This year GCSE exams start on 13th May and finish on 17th June. This means that as of this Monday we have 50 school days left before that first exam – or 10 school weeks!!

As a result I thought it would be an idea to write to you each week in the form of an email (which will also be placed in the ‘Information’ tab and then ‘GCSE Year 11 countdown’ section of the website) with the latest information on what Year 11 have coming up, helpful exam information and some revision strategies that you might find useful to explore with your son/daughter.

  • Mock results – Year 11 students received their mock results on the 18th January – these should give a clear indication of the current position that your son or daughter is in – the mocks can often act as a wake up call!

Please discuss with your son/daughter – how they did? – could they have done more? – did they revise? and if the results haven’t gone the way that they should have done what will change in the future to ensure that the same results don’t happen again.

  • Exam tip of the week – have you looked on the exam board websites – they have lots of past papers for students to try out – ask your son/daughter to find out the exam boards that they are studying for each subject so that you can help them access past papers.
  • Revision strategy of the week – does your son/daughter have a revision timetable – research suggests that having a structured and systematic timetable enables students to stay focussed, organised and on track with their revision. Remember that the timetable has to be realistic and can involve more than one subject on an evening – chunking revision is also a good strategy.

Remember that Year 11’s should now be revising every evening for their exams – we would recommend at least 1 hour an evening set aside for revision.

Have a great week and I will write again next week,

Adam Darley
The Purbeck School