Student Council

The Purbeck School Student Council Mission Statement

The Purbeck School holds the belief that successful education requires active participation from staff, students and governors of the school (and other schools within the Purbeck pyramid), parents and guardians in the home, and members of the community. We believe that effective relationships are promoted through consultation, collaboration and open communication.

Purpose of the Student Council
The purpose of our student council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them in and around school. As a council, we focus on listening to the views of pupils and we take responsibility for some aspects of school life. Put simply, the student council is a force for improving The Purbeck School.

Having a Purbeck School Student Council helps us to improve aspects of our school community by exercising our rights and accepting our responsibilities. Our discussions and decisions will help to inform improvements to the school environment and our learning.

The student council is overseen by the Head Boy and Head Girl working alongside assistant Headteacher Mr McNaughton. It draws representatives from each of the tutor groups in Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. On a half termly basis, the student council will usually meet to discuss business as four focus groups covering the following areas:  Teaching and Learning; Student Support; The Community and Extra-Curricular.

What did the Student Council Achieve in 2016/17?

Last academic year, the student council had one main focus for the school: to deliver student perspectives on the school to teachers and leaders in order to help them improve standards across the school. To do this, the student council compiled one of the most comprehensive surveys on teaching and learning, behaviour, marking and feedback and distributed it to the whole school. Asking students their opinions on questions such as:

  • ‘When marking your work, what kind of things do teachers do that you find helpful’?
  • ‘Which subject gives you the best feedback on your work and what it they do that helps you improve?
  • ‘How would you rate the overall quality of lessons in the Purbeck School?’


Nearly 600 students took part in this survey, delivering interesting results such as below:

This result, amongst others, has now been shared among the school and has provided useful feedback to teachers.


What is next for the student council?

The new head boy and girl are currently putting a plan in place to create a new student council for the next academic year. Soon, through the tutor programme, students will be invited to write application letters to join the council this year. Once formed, the focus for the work of the council will be decided in the first meeting.


If you are interested in supporting or joining the student council, please contact Mr T McNaughton via email:


Student Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes – 10/01/2018

Agenda Item 1: above and beyond principle card – awards.

  • Mr Darley explained the card and the 5 house points system and then that there could be a £10 draw each two weeks.
  • It was explained that students keep their cards until they have managed to collect five areas for submission.
  • Student council was very happy with the concept of the card and the proposed awards.
  • Rainbow badges were discussed for doing something exceptional.

Agenda Item 2: The list of items on the above and beyond principle card.

  • Students felt that there may not need to be a list of specific items on the cards rather than a list of criteria that students should meet.
  • Students felt that it may be better to leave the card to teacher judgment rather than putting a list of things for students to do.
  • Instead of current text, the bottom of the card will read that the student has acted in terms of Respect, Aspiration and Perseverance.

Agenda item 3: Litter

  • Students discussed the location of the bins and whether they can be improved.
  • Mr Darley discussed with students the reasons why the students might be dropping litter.
  • It was suggested that the assembly rota could be best discussing environment with students.
  • It was suggested that we might get a team of volunteers to do some litter picking.

Agenda Item 4: Detentions

  • Mr Darley explained that the next day detentions has now been actioned.


  • Football for girls in years 7 and 8 was discussed.
  • Hangers on the back of toilet doors.
  • Locks on girls’ toilets.

Actions Pending:

  • Student Council will present the positive behaviour cards to the Governors of the school prior to the next governor meeting.
  • We will look at the House point system to see if it is possible to reset the points each half term to increase student motivation
  • Mr Darley will deliver an assembly on litter and the ‘school environment’ looking at the effect that it can create on the wider environment.
  • It will be explored whether we can get a team of litter picking volunteers. ‘community litter pick’.


Minutes – 30/11/2017

Mr Darley and Mr McNaughton met the student council in his office during period 2 today, 30/11/2017. The current council will meet each half term and are now elected until Christmas 2018 after successful applications in the form of letters to the Headteacher – Mr Darley.

Agenda Item 1 – How will the student council work?

  • Council will meet half termly.
  • Current council will remain formed until Christmas 2018.

Agenda Item 2– Key issues in the school

Mr Darley questioned students about what they feel are the key issues in the school. Once questioned, the students felt that, for them, these are some of the key issues:

  • Kit suggested that every meeting will be a debate on a key issue for the school. If this is a really important issue it may be discussed across two meetings.
  • Rhiannon – Key issue – Toilet upkeep and upkeep of the school environment including litter.
  • Sophie – Key issue – Communicating with teachers and asking for help.
  • Isabella – Raising the number of school trips and educational visits that are made available to students.
  • Sara – Discussed student responsibilities and equipment and what is expected. Purple pens and glue sticks – should these be part of the expected equipment list?
  • Kit – Key issue – food being too unhealthy in the canteen. There is a concern that breaktime food is a little too unhealthy.
  • Anabelle Scott – Key issue – Bullying and food being on the floor. Respect for school environment and litter.
  • Felicity – Key issue – environment of the school and the price of certain canteen food.

Mr Darley introduced his key issues that he wanted the students to think carefully about.

  • Litter
  • Litter – Mr Darley raised the question of what we can do about litter? How can we stop the minority of people who drop litter?
  • It was suggested that there are enough bins around the school site but some people drop litter anyway.
  • It was suggested that perhaps a poster campaign might be one idea to raise awareness?
  • It was suggested that there could be playground monitors.
  • Posters for litter was discussed in further detail.


Agenda Item 3: Positive behaviour card

Mr Darley introduced the idea of a positive behaviour card to the students who felt this was a good idea.

  • Mr Darley raised the question of what 10 things could be on the back of a positive behaviour card as an issue for the council to think about.
  • Some of the suggestions for the positive behaviour cards from the student council were:
  • Behaving responsibly in a difficult situation.
  • Holding open doors.
  • Picking up litter.
  • Being polite.
  • Going above and beyond.
  • Supporting other students.
  • It was discussed that Super 7 is a better incentive than House Points for handing in positive behaviour cards, or potentially a letter home to parents.

Agenda item 4: Changing same day detentions to next day detentions.

  • Mr Darley discussed the idea of changing same day detentions to next day detentions and this idea was generally accepted that this would be a good idea by the student council.

Agenda item 5: Any other business

  • Issues raised about gum under tables and chairs.
  • Lockers in school was raised as an issue. Could we fundraise for lockers across the school for more lockers?
  • Fundraising for the school – could there be more done.

Action arising:

  • Mr McNaughton and Mr Darley to create an agenda for the student council based on the suggested key issues by the council.
  • Look into the assembly rota for the student council to introduce themselves to the student body.
  • Badges need organising for the council to demonstrate their membership.
  • Mr Darley and Mr McNaughton are going to create a prototype of a positive principal card for the student council to discuss at the next meeting.
  • Some students discussed that there were some issue with distribution of the super 7 bands and this will be discussed with Mrs Gregory.

Everyone was thanked for a very successful first meeting.