Lettings Policy

Date first adopted:
How often to be reviewed:EVERY 3 YEARS
Reviewed4 th October, 2017
Reviewed ByFinance Committee


The governors have agreed to supplement the budget by encouraging the letting of the school premises where possible, provided that any letting must not be detrimental to the school or its pupils.


All lettings will be at the discretion of the governing body or its representatives, who may refuse lettings if they consider it in the interests of the school to do so. This will include any person or organisation with any views that are considered to be extremist or against British values.

Lettings after midnight will not generally be permitted.

All hirers must comply with the regulations as set out on the Conditions of Hire. All hirers must be aged over eighteen.

All hirers must secure insurance cover for the letting, including for public liability with a £5 million limit of indemnity.

All hirers will risk assess the activities and provide a written record of this risk assessment prior to hire.

All school buildings and associated premises and grounds are non-smoking areas.

The school is not responsible for any loss of or damage to vehicles parked on its premises, or their contents

The school playing fields will not be let unless in a suitable condition to be used. Dogs are not permitted on school premises, including school grounds, at any time.


All charges will be subject to periodic review by the governing body. The minimum increase will be in line with inflation.

The calculation of charges will include consideration of the real costs of heat, light sewerage and water, and the cost of caretaking for the event.

Other charges are agreed by the governing body and may include an element for profit above actual costs.

The application process

The hirer will inform the school of it’s requirements, which will include the time and date of the proposed hiring and the precise definition of the premises and facilities to be hired, including

changing rooms for sporting events, lavatories and kitchens. The request will also give advice on maximum permitted numbers.

The request is considered by the Finance Committee, Headteacher or appointed persons on its behalf, and a decision is made whether to permit the hire.

The caretaker is informed. If the caretaker is not able to service the hiring, a key holder will be identified, who will receive payment at the same rate as the caretaker.

One copy of the booking form is returned to the hirer along with the Conditions of Hire setting out the terms of the hire, including insurance requirements.

An invoice is issued after the letting and must be paid within 30 days.


The number of people permitted to attend an event will depend on the nature of the activity. This guidance reflects that given by Fire Prevention Officers for halls used for assembly functions. Further details are available from the School.


In general, the letting of rooms for non-sporting activities is exempt VAT, whereas sports lettings are subject to VAT (although there are exemptions in certain circumstances). Clarification should be obtained from VAT Officer. There are no VAT remissions for ‘Not for Profit’ companies limited by guarantee

Conditions for the Hire of Educational Establishments

The hirer shall be the person making the application for a letting and such person will be responsible for payment of all fees or other sums due in respect of the letting to the Hirer and for the observance of regulations imposed by the Local Educational Authority or their lawfully appointed agent.

Damage, Loss or Injury

1. The Hirer shall effect Third Party (Public Liability) Insurance within a minimum indemnity limit of five million pounds for any one occurrence to cover its legal liabilities for accidents resulting in injuries to persons, including participants in the hiring activity, and/or loss of or damage to property, including the hired premises, arising out of the letting of educational premises.

The Education Authority/School will not be responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property arising out of the letting of educational premises unless such injury or damage results from the negligence or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Educational Authority/School.

The Hirer will provide a full and complete risk assessment in advance of their letting. Any adverse activity as decided by The School will not be allowed to take place.

Protection of Premises and Movable Property

2. Furniture and fittings shall not be removed or interfaced with in any way. No fittings or decorating of any kind necessitating the driving of nails or screws into fixtures forming part of the school fabric will be permitted. In the event of any damage to premises or property the Authority shall make it good and the Hirer shall pay the cost of such reparation. Any electrical equipment brought by the Hirer onto the school site MUST comply with the LA code of practice for portable electrical appliance equipment. Equipment must either have a certificate of safety from a qualified electrical engineer or be inspected by the school prior to use and certified fit for use. The intention to use any electrical equipment must be notified in advance of the booking.

Public Safety

3. (i) The Hirer shall be responsible for the prevention of overcrowding such as would endanger public safety and for keeping clear all gangways, passages and exits.

(ii) The Hirer shall be responsible for providing adequate supervision to maintain order and good conduct.

Copyright or Performing Rights

4. The Hirer shall not, during the occupancy of premises, infringe any subsisting copyright or performing right, and shall indemnify the Dorset County Council against all sums of money which the County Council may have to pay by reason of an infringement of copyright or performing right occurring during the period of hire covered by this agreement.


5. The Hirer shall not sub-let to another person.

Intoxicating Liquor

6. No intoxicants shall be brought on to or consumed on the premises without the prior approval of the County Education Officer or Governing Body in the case of a school in LMS.


7. Smoking is not permitted on any hired premises.


8. Use of materials for preparing floors for dancing is prohibited.

Vacation of Premises

9. The Hirer shall ensure that premises are vacated promptly at the end of the letting.

Variation of Scales of Charges and Cancellations

10. The Hirer acknowledges that the charges may be increased in accordance with the rates from time to time agreed by the Authority or where appropriate by the Governors of the School, or that the letting may be cancelled provided that in each circumstance at least 28 days notice either way is given.

Use of Playing fields and School Grounds

11. The playing fields must be left in a fit state after any lettin Should any damage occur, the school can make arrangements to recover the costs of making good from the hirer.


First Aid Facilities

There is no legal requirement for the school to provide first aid facilities for the Hirer. It is suggested that the Hirer makes its own arrangements. Use of the schools resources is not available.


  • The Hirer acknowledges that charges may be increased in accordance with the rates from time to time agreed by the School or where appropriate by the Governors of the School, or that the letting may be cancelled provided that in each circumstance at least 28 days notice either way is given.
  • Income derived from lettings will be retained by the school and costs to the school of lettings will be met from this income.
  • Decisions whether to permit lettings of the school premises\grounds will be made by the Headteacher. If the Headteacher believes a letting should not be permitted he\she will report the reasons to the Premises committee.

Lettings charges as from 01st September, 2017:

Morning Session 8am to 12pm
Afternoon Session 12pm to 4pm
Evening Session 5pm to 9pm

In principle the school wishes to have preferrential rates for community groups.